European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 23 , for real estate that is accessible during the lockdowns, and in turn, RealCare Invest Ltd has turned its eye towards destinations such as Sardinia, Austria, and Hungary. As the company continues to adapt to the pandemic restrictions, it aims to continue changing its marketing strategy, streamlining its online profile. Whether it is through videos, virtual presentations, or webinars, the expansion of its virtual services is of paramount importance to RealCare Invest Ltd because it is a way to reach both new and current customers in a safe and sustainable manner. In addition, it plans to further develop its remote work with investors and developers. As a result, this will ensure flexibility and will enable the company to respond to any market fluctuations. Contact: Iveta Pauková Company: RealCare Invest Ltd Web Address: Nov21214 Best Holiday Apartment Investments Firm - Czech Republic Providing an innovative approach to the real estate market, RealCare Invest Ltd has deservedly garnered a great amount of success and attention. Indeed, founded in 2017 by Iveta Pauková, the company only invests in projects that guarantee a profit. Constantly finding ways to evolve and improve, RealCare Invest Ltd has ensured its longevity, and has ultimately proven its critics wrong. Based in the Czech Republic, RealCare Invest Ltd offers over 19 years of experience in the real estate world. With a combination of unique expertise and a concise mission, the company focuses on the sale of real estate with a guaranteed rental income. Supplying quality real estate projects in the form of apartments and condos, RealCare Invest Ltd endeavours to not only cultivate suitable investment opportunities, but provide a well- rounded, professional consulting service. The company currently has three sectors that are focused on individual client segments – one for properties with guaranteed rental yields, a division for holiday properties, and another for real estate in Dubai. Indeed, the company has grown rapidly over the past few years, and as a result its services have spread across Europe and Asia. Founded in 2017, the company faced its fair share of naysayers who did not trust the business model as it subverted the status quo. The determination of the team solidified the company’s success and their open-mindedness drove the company forward, breaking down the industry’s barriers in its path. Thriving on a foundation of transparency and trust, each member of the team is encouraged to continue learning and developing their skills. Moreover, passion and commitment are deeply valued, and RealCare Invest Ltd aims to only hire staff with such traits. Furthermore, RealCare Invest Ltd is a company that consistently gives back to its community. Through a range of charity projects, the business supports the betterment of people’s – especially children’s – lives. For example, RealCare Invest Ltd has recently provided a donation to Patron dětí (The Patron of Children Foundation), which helps economically disadvantaged children. Additionally, the company supports the Salvation Army, Dobrý Anděl (Good Angel), and Člověk V Tísni (People in Need). Impacted, like many others, by the Covid-19 outbreak, RealCare Invest Ltd has had to fundamentally change the way it operates. To guarantee the safety of its team, it is quickly shifting towards remote, online working, and is in the process of optimising its online services. The previous two years have been a make- or-break situation for young businesses – RealCare Invest Ltd has proven its determination and durability. Adaptation has been vital to the company’s survival, be it through observing new trends or finding ways to improve its internal structure. A key example would be the change in direction towards local properties. Clients are looking