European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 33 , Since 2018, CASUSGRILL has launched complementary products, the CASUS Picnic Set, CASUS Instant Bamboo Briquettes and CASUS Pure 100% Bamboo Briquettes. With products in high demand, the company moved to a larger factory in 2020. When asked about plans for the future, Susanne tells us that the company has many plans in the pipeline, but nothing it can share just yet. And a final word from Susanne, “We can all help save the planet's resources by thinking smart and changing our behaviour. We need to consider what we eat, what we buy and what we use. What may not be possible today, will be possible tomorrow.” Contact: Susanne N. Broegger Company: CasusGrill ApS Web Address: Nov21227 Best Sustainable BBQ Product 2021 Danish innovation company, CASUSGRILL, has reinvented the single-use disposable barbecue. CASUSGRILL’s world patented design is more efficient, creates less waste and is safer to use than a conventional disposable aluminiumgrill. We spoke to founder, Susanne N. Broegger, to find out more. If you’ve spent any time in the great outdoors, hiking, exploring, camping or relaxing on the beach, you will have no doubt encountered more than one abandoned aluminium barbecue grill. On the face of it, these disposable grills seem to be a good idea. Lightweight, easy to carry, no cleaning required, they are all about convenience. But off the beaten track these grills are left littered around the countryside by those who have no idea how to dispose of them safely. Back in 2009, the founders of CASUSGRILL, Susanne and Carsten Broegger were camping in the mountains in France. Shocked by the amount of single-use grills they saw abandoned, they had the idea of creating an alternative solution. A single-use grill made of all-natural materials. CASUSGRILL was born. Combining sustainability with smart, functional design, CASUSGRILL creates no fossil fuel waste. The grill, made of cardboard, bamboo and lava stone uses Quick OxyliteTM - a type of charcoal briquette made from bamboo. All the materials used are biodegradable, with the exception of the lava rocks. But these can be recycled or even used as a pure soil improver for use in plant cultivation. CASUSGRILL’s vision is to become a role model for the sustainable product market. The company aims to promote environmentally conscious healthy living. Of course, it’s not enough that a grill is green, it needs to be easy-to-use and make great tasting food too. One reason for using a disposable grill is the speed with which it is ready to use. CASUSGRILL is no exception, it’s ready to cook within 5 minutes and retains heat for more than an hour. As CASUSGRILL doesn’t use fossil fuels, there are no large flames and smoke is minimal. As well as making for a more pleasant cooking experience, this also means that it’s easier to cook food all the way through without burning the outside. Looking at the marketplace in her native Denmark, Susanne tells us, “We did some calculations based on a traditional aluminium disposable grill using 500 grams of charcoal, and a total annual market of 1 million single- use disposable grills. If everyone changed to CASUSGRILL we’d see charcoal consumption reduce by 200 tonnes and a reduction in CO2 of 700 tonnes. 90 tonnes of non-renewable iron and steel would also be saved, as would 30 tonnes of aluminium.” CASUSGRILL is fast gaining in popularity with European retailers as they make changes to deliver on CSR and sustainability policies. On being based in Denmark, Susanne says, “Danish companies are known for being innovative, flexible, competent and serious. Being a Danish company provides a good starting point when starting new discussions with new customers. It certainly gives us an advantage abroad.”