European Enterprise Awards 2021

34 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Dec21419 Best Digital &WebMarketing Company 2021 - Italy ‘Make better digital. Make digital better.’ – This isWidevision’s mantra. Specialising inwebsites, apps for smartphones and tablets, e-commerce, system integration, cloud, customised software, and webmarketing, Widevisionmakes every single digital business project take off, getting the job done as if it were its own. Widevision is a digital agency based in Bari, Puglia, operating throughout Italy. It creates custom web solutions with strictly “handmade” code, and with a focus on the latest web standards, useability, and web marketing, including the newest trends for mobile devices. Widevision supports companies and individuals integrating digital tools, with the main purpose of identifying in a concrete way the business opportunities on the net and optimising the internet channel as a real support to the online sales. It analyses the customer objectives and potentialities of any project and provides a detailed action plan. The company couldn’t do this without its valuable team members who continue to work hard towards achieving its goals. It relies on a friendly and competent team and constantly invests in human resources, with its aim being to significantly increase training, R&D, and team building activities. Widevision seeks people who approach each project as if it were their own, making no compromises and developing top-notch solutions. The team’s hard work didn’t falter during the COVID-19 pandemic either when it brought with it unanticipated changes to the global economy. The brands and entrepreneurs had to shift their gears to stay prepared for the expected global long-term recession. Many sectors are losing due to the shutdown. Yet, some brands realised the importance of digital marketing, especially in such a situation, and as a result, gained lucratively during the pandemic. The most significant reason for the rise of digital marketing is the drastic increase in the use of the internet by people across the globe, leading to a steep growth in online shopping. From Widevision’s perspective, the most significant emerging trends in digital post- COVID-19 and for the years to come are multi-channelised marketing endeavours, effective use of all digital channels (website, app, social media, video, etc.), delivering the best customer experience, and emphasising modernity. Adopting digital marketing has become crucial to standing out from the crowd. The digital transformation seems to be one of the EU’s priorities for the coming years. In April 2021, Parliament adopted the Digital Europe programme, the EU’s first financial instrument focused specifically on bringing technology to businesses and people. It aims to invest in digital infrastructure so that strategic technologies can help boost Europe’s competitiveness and green transition. Widevision finds that being based in Europe and working in the digital field can be promising for its future. Now, Widevision’s goal for 2022 is to consolidate its customer base and further develop its own digital products in order to guarantee the highest possible level of quality. The company plans to invest more in human resources and R&D, as well as in the development of exclusive solutions already in its portfolio. Company: Widevision SRL Contact: Nico Balenzano Email: [email protected] Website: