European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 35 , they can decide if they want to receive the settlement in crypto or in euros. Covering the whole of Central Europe with its services means the Global Payments team needs to excel at communicating with customers and colleagues across several countries. This is why it recruits people who are not ashamed to communicate. Moreover, the company is very open – If staff have anything to say, they can go directly to a general director and explain their idea. Ultimately, Global Payments is a technological company that loves the possibilities that technology can bring. It therefore seeks to employ those who are passionate about technology so it can continue thriving into the future and in providing only the best service to its customers. Company: Global Payments s.r.o. Contact: Ondřej Holoubek Email: [email protected] Website: Dec21156 Most Innovative Global FinTech Solutions Company 2021 Global Payments is the world’s largest provider of payment services and technology, operating in 100 countries, with 24,000 employees and 3.5 million clients, and processing over 50 billion transactions each year. Global Payments serves mainly smaller traders and entrepreneurs, equipping their stores with payment terminals and e-shops with payment gateways. Thanks to Global Payments’ services, customers can conveniently pay with their cards, mobile phones or watches. It was when the COVID-19 pandemic began that Global Payments realised there was a need for a solution when it comes to making in-person payments. Many shoppers have been required to switch from cash to paying by card for hygiene reasons, and the need therefore arose for businesses to start accepting card payments quickly, everywhere, even outside the brick and mortar shops. Global Payments responded to this need by developing its flagship product, the revolutionary GP tom application – the first of its kind in Europe. GP tom turns a mobile phone into a payment terminal, enabling small business owners to accept card payments anywhere – There is no need for any additional devices (cash registers or terminals); everything is in the app with no monthly fees, only the initial standard transaction fee. Due to its simplicity, GP tom has become the most used mobile terminal in Europe today, with 8,000 merchants using it, including couriers, taxi drivers, market vendors, craftsmen, and doctors. It helps all these entrepreneurs to do business, and makes it easier for their customers to make payments by card. Global Payments recently added another innovative feature to its application, now not only accepting cards but also cryptocurrencies. Customers can choose how they want to pay – by card or by crypto. Until now, crypto could be stored in online wallets but shopping with it was very difficult because no shops were accepting it. GP tom makes payments with crypto extremely easy, the biggest advantage being that there is no risk associated with crypto volatility. A merchant accepts cryptocurrency as a payment, but