European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 37 , with potential investors for its B.My.Jet technology – a product for blind and partially sighted people – it is pushing back against the idea that safe equals correct, instead showing how game changing technologies are going to be more pivotal than ever in a world shifting into a new age. Company: Central European Research Centre Contact: Gabor Hetyey Website: Nov21434 Best Technological R&D Center - Hungary Central European Research Centre, a company based inHungary that helps its clients to resolve their R&D based conundrums, adding value accordingly, is made up of a teamof knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated professionals. Over the time that CERC has been in operation, it has developed its notoriety amongst a wide swathe of different companies across all manner of different sectors, becoming known for its innovation and forward-thinking attitude, forever pushing forward towards the next and boldest breakthroughs. Being a specialist both in technology and R&D, the Central European Research Centre is an institute that has earned a reputation for high performance design and engineering. Fundamentally, this organisation’s penchant for outstanding research-based innovations and business development has made it a linchpin of the European push towards a more technologically advanced future, transferring knowledge from one sector to the other in order to ensure transferrable benefits are shared. CERC’s novel solutions are each, in turn, developed to be an answer to the specific challenges its clients face. It hopes that by developing these, it will be able to apply them to help all elements of the European corporate infrastructure rise to meet such challenges head on in the future, with end-to-end delivery of project feasibility consultation right through to after-sales support. Additionally, its commitment to quality puts it in great stead with the wider business community. This can be a tough crowd, but its expertise and reliability, as well as its passion for engineering, innovation, and problem solving, is the key to the excellence of the CERC and its team. Its professionals, in short, are well trained and experienced in R&D; this means that no matter the challenge or difficulty a client is facing, CERC’s team will be able to go above and beyond to find the solution, liaising between departments to ensure that a broad and deep perspective of the task at hand is gained before a solution is chosen. With clients all across the continent, the unique draws of CERC can be seen in the complex, out-of-the-box solutions it offers. Critically, since its establishment in 2010, its collaborative ethos and hardworking attitude has allowed it to gain an in-depth perspective into the wider business world and the difficulties that are most pervasive between all sectors, and thus the ones that the companies operating within it would benefit from solutions to. With its core proficiency being resolving R&D based difficulties, it has built a wide and sector agnostic network with a myriad of different scales and types of organisations making up its fabric, allowing CERC to cultivate a problem-solving penchant like no other. Lately, the trend of impact-focused investors has changed the attitude of small R&D players. This fast up-scaling has become a new success indicator, and CERC sees an issue with this arising due to the type of project evaluation it allows for, and the paradigm of shooting down new innovations for being ‘too risky’ it can create. Thus, it wishes to buck this trend by supporting the risk-takers. Having recently started negotiation