European Enterprise Awards 2021

36 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Nov21863 Best Multinational Industrial Technology Group 2021 GPAINNOVA, the winner of both the above award and the accreditation of the ‘Most Innovative ElectropolishingMachine 2021: DLyte Desktop Series’, is an umbrella company working hard to push the world towards further innovation. With a recent move to a bigger, better Barcelona headquarters, a reputation for technologically advanced R&D solutions under its belt, and a CEOwho was recently selected as one of the three finalists of the Young Entrepreneur Award for 2021 – Pau Sarsanedas – this company has been thrust into the spotlight by the quality of its work. A technologically focused group that found its feet in Barcelona in 2013, GPAINNOVA has subsidiaries in Florida, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen. In essence, it is the umbrella company under which many other specialist brands exist, such as DLyte for surface metal finishing machines, GPAMEDICAL handling medical devices, GPASEABOTS with its naval robotics, POWER INNOTECH looking after its high performance and high-power electronics, and its industrial adhesive business looked after by SARSCH. GPAINNOVA has a cumulative team of more than 180 professionals on its staff, and is proud of each and every one of them. Fundamentally, it also boasts 40 engineers, 55 distributors, and more than 600 worldwide clients, allowing for a turnover of €23.2 million in 2021 (47% more than the previous year), allowing it to be selected by the Financial Times as one of Europe’s 1,000 fastest growing companies of the past two years, ranking amongst Europe’s 7 fast growing companies in the industrial goods sector specifically. Being the first of its kind in Spain, its values are aligned to its wider mission, putting into practice its ethical and professional standards throughout every single project in order to ensure that each client walks away satisfied with both the solutions it provides and the way its team provided them. Ready to make any technological project spring into life, it responds well to the needs of investors and clients both. Critically, it works hard to manage large and complex projects, showing its acumen for project management and attention to detail, taking it from concept to introduction to the market with an upright zeal and an unbeatable ‘can-do’ attitude. Additionally, being adaptive, open, and honest, it sets itself apart from other companies in its sector, making decisions based on the sum of the knowledge, fact finding, and expertise held within its team so that a client can rest assured that they are putting their faith in the right place. This team quickly proves every time that they are worthy of this trust with the motivation and efficiency that drives each of them, generating an organic system that allows the company to grow whilst keeping the lines open to further development, working hard to push through the challenges of the past 18 months such as increased supply problems. Crucially, despite the tumult, GPAINNOVA is optimistic. With the world moving towards automation and innovation more than ever before, it forecasts a bright future ahead for itself and its clients as it prepares to help the world plug the gaps in these niches with newly researched and developed solutions out of its Barcelona headquarters, the 5th most technologically advanced city in the world, according to Cushman & Wakefield. This HQ contains a test lab on its more than 6,000 square metre building, as well as a pool for testing marine drones, showroom, prototyping workshop, and advanced analysis equipment. Furthermore, its internal structure of positivity, good leadership, passion, and quality promises to continue to keep it at the head of the pack as it looks forward to using its new labs and staff to continue pushing towards a better global future. Company: GPAINNOVA Contact: Jaume Miras Website: