European Enterprise Awards 2021

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Best Business Consultancy Firm 2021 No business exists within a vacuum, especially in this new international economy. To thrive, it’s vital that firms are able to consult and discuss the direction of travel both for the specific organization and on a holistic level. The teamat ODAS Global Consulting have built their reputation on this ability. Named Best Business Consultancy Firm2021 for its remarkable achievements in EU Business News’ European Enterprise Awards, we take a look at the firm in a little more detail to understand the secrets of the team’s success. The team at ODAS Global Consulting know more than a little about business growth and development. Since 2003, they have worked alongside numerous partners to bringing about expansion on a scale seldom seen in any other part of the world. With a wide range of services on hand to use, it’s little wonder that the business has seen such incredible success and such a high rate of demand for their services. Whilst based in Romania, ODAS Global Consulting has quickly become a go-to name within a number of European institutions. The firm’s strength comes from their exceptional reputation, which is unmatched by many within the industry. For those who want to transform an idea from a humble dream to glorious reality, there are few better partners to have. This is primarily because the team at ODAS Global Consulting have a wealth of different paths forward within their network which allow them to thrive. For them, creating a business that can grow and flourish is their first concern and the reason that so many turn to them for support. The strength of the firm comes from the ability of its extensive team to offer a truly comprehensive solution at all times. There is no need to turn to external collaborators because everything can be completed in-house. In many cases, the complex situations tackled by the ODAS Global Consulting team can become increasingly tangled as more and more parties become involved. By limiting advice to one expert team, able to refer within itself to other experts in the field, their clients have a much simpler and cost-effective way of working. The approach taken by the team is one which reflects the attitudes of a much smaller companies. Their personalized solutions are always designed to suit the specific requirements of one company, with clients treated as though they are family. The simple aim, and indeed the basic measure of success for a project, is to create opportunities wherein a business can improve with regards to its performance. This can happen through growth opportunities and through basic efficiencies within an organization. The changes inspired by the ODAS Global Consulting team are designed specifically to be lasting changes which will empower a management team to make decisions that are, simply, better for all. When ODAS Global Consulting first opened its doors in 2003, the aim was to provide leading business counseling and counseling in strategic communications to various organizations. The years that followed saw the way in which the world economy operated alter to an enormous degree, with the digital landscape transforming the way in which every business operates. As such, the team have grown alongside the needs of the market, able to act as a worthy partner to the various organizations with which they consult. At the heart of every decision and piece of advice offered by the team is a desire to lead them to new heights of success. Nowadays, the team’s incredible range of services have grown to include such vital support as lobbying alongside European institutions and agencies or international organizations, as well as a strong global platform and a complementary financial and corporate communications services. In today’s world, it’s important to have access to every potential piece of leverage to ensure that a business can thrive. The team at ODAS Global Consulting ensure that their clients always have the right doors open to bring about the best possible result. Whilst offering a wealth of different services to prospective clients, the team is proud to operate in a number of different sectors. Clients of theirs from financial energy and environmental services, technology and telecommunications, competition, trade, health, petrochemical, life science, consumer goods, and cybersecurity have all been able to benefit from the team’s incredible knowledge of the market and eye for detail. At all times, the approach of consultancy taken is one which is as hands-on as possible, drawing on a diverse pool of experts. Where many organizations have one specialist in the field, ODAS Global Consulting is always querying its staff to push them into new and uncharted areas. The incredible reach of ODAS Global Consulting means that clients from both the public and private sector turn to the team, alongside various associations and non- profits. Whilst a large business, the team treat each with individual care and attention. Because of their familiarity with the way in which European institutions work, they are able to engage constructively with the way in which they operate for the benefit of their clients. Over the years, ODAS Global Consulting clients have gained access to EU funding programs, the capital markets of the