European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 5 , Union and the Digital Single Market to name but a few ways forward. Each brings their own benefits and challenges, but all are potential paths forward which the ODAS Global Consulting team are delighted to explore. The benefits of working with Europe are clear, but through the team at ODAS Global Consulting, even more options are made clear. The region’s investment plan currently seeks to mobilise at least €315B in private and public investment after years of low levels of investment in this potential-heavy system. The EU’s strong trade relations with third countries through trade agreements also have many possibilities and the work of companies such as ODAS Global Consulting means that the trade opportunities created are to the benefit of the various business they represent. One of the most appealing aspects to the way in which ODAS Global Consulting operates is their incredible access to leading investment funds. Investment funds are financial products first and foremost, with money attracted from investors and placed by the management company in a portfolio of financial instruments, depending on the risk profile of the fund and respecting provisions of the legal diversification. ODAS Global Consulting is able to access these funds with ease and choose the appropriate path forward to partners. With such enormous financial power, it’s understandable that investment funds are regulated entities supervised by the financial supervisory authority and are carefully operated on the basis of a harmonized legal framework with the European directives. These regulations are set to the highest standards to ensure that everyone involved in the fund has as much protection as possible. Even the smallest amount of investment can result in incredible returns for the investor. Over the years, the team at ODAS Global Consulting have built up an amazing team of professionals, who have worked in the sector for many years. Their clients can build their success on this experience. With knowledge of the development and implementation of non-refundable funds, allocated through