European Enterprise Awards 2021

40 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Dec21159 Most Innovative Automotive Safety Systems Developer 2021 - Europe Founded in one of the most prolific spawning grounds for automotive innovators – Turin – EasyRain is an innovative automotive safety solutions provider. Having created an aquaplaning solution like no other in its industry, EasyRain is just kilometres away from its technical partners, Italdesign, and fromBOSCHVHIT, thus helping to establish a strong collaboration. Additionally, being such a fast-growing SME, it encourages the employees of its business to express their views and ideas at every turn, each specific department liaising closely with the others and ready for the introduction of new innovations in the new year. EasyRain, founded by Giovanni Blandina, is a vehicle safety SME based in Rivoli, Turin. Developing new and innovative ways to ensure client safety on the road, its efforts have been instrumental in developing ‘active systems’ such as AIS (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution) and DAI (Digital Aquaplaning Information), all with the aim of improving road safety in conditions of wet roads and low grip under tires. Thus, its efforts have become renowned for reducing fatalities and making vehicles smarter from day one, all fuelled by its core value of making vehicular travel that much safer for the driver, passengers, and other people on the road. Its professional and incredibly diligent way of working has made it a staple in the road safety industry, making it one of the very few companies in the world that have been focusing on aquaplaning and rain related accidents – according to the Annual Accident Report of 2018 by ERSO, based on the CARE community database which keeps track of road accidents resulting in death or injury, fatalities from road accidents in raining conditions in Europe represented 9.4% of all fatalities. Fundamentally, EasyRain’s Digital Aquaplaning Information system allows for visual, sensing of when a vehicle is in danger of aquaplaning by recognising the amount of water on the asphalt and determining the level of risk with its proprietary predictive algorithms. The Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution then is able to effectively counter the effects of aquaplaning by restoring the adherence of the tires and control of the vehicle with a controlled jet of water injected ahead of the front tires. Working with both autonomous and electric vehicles, and without the need for an additional water tank, EasyRain’s aquaplaning solution is helping to reduce the numbers of weather-based fatalities on the road, which on average, clock in at 10% of all crashes per annum. Additionally, whilst there have been other solutions in development, none of them directly aid the vehicle if adherence to the road’s surface is lost, which is where the true danger comes in. Therefore, at present, EasyRain has no competitors, instead facing only companies that can offer grip when the wheels still have traction. Its AIS and DAI work has been intensively researched and prototyped in order to get it where it is today, but EasyRain have already been focusing on the next generation of AIS – the hydro-pneumatic safety system, with custom-made nozzles placed in front of the wheels of the vehicles, is set to become smaller, lighter, and easier to fit in everything from tiny city cars to SUVs with higher road clearance. The DAI, in particular, functions as a first line of defence, warning system, and control hub, allowing future implementations of safety features (like wet mode activation, adaptive wet cruise control, and assisted driving deactivation) in order to put the client back in control to reduce risks behind the wheel. EasyRain, in short, is fast becoming the flagship company for the automotive industry’s innovative safety transformation. Company: EasyRain Contact: Paolo Fina Website: