European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 41 , are present all over the world, aware of the need to promote export activity not only as a fundamental pillar of its own business strategy, but also as a contribution to the strength of the Spanish and European economies.” With an unparalleled level of quality, and ISO 9001 certified, Gayafores creates something for all to enjoy. It forms delicate, intricate, and bold ceramics that each add style to the home, studio, or office space. For the future Gayafores will be experimenting with new designs whilst staying up-to-date with sustainable materials. Contact: Merche Romero Company: Gayafores Web Address: Dec21022 Most Innovative Ceramic Product Manufacturer 2021 Porcelain tiles are a sure fast way to improve the look of your home, studio, or work space and Gayafores has something for everyone’s taste. We learnmuchmore about Gayafores as we talk toMerche Romero, in charge of Digital Marketing and Communications, about this supreme ceramic product manufacturer. Gayafores is a pioneering Spanish ceramic company that was founded in 1897. It has several factories that are fully equipped with top-quality technologies in the sector. Here we concentrate on its excellent ceramic products, specialising in the manufacture of porcelain floor and wall tiles, as we take a closer look at the elements that make up the company and its creations. With a wide selection of designs, textures, and colours, Gayafores has a plethora of styles to choose from, making it the most fresh, inventive, and creative supplier since 1987. With designs ranging from colourful patterns to soft marble effects, wood, cement, stone or cotto effect finishes, complimented by its exceptional materials that truly give it an edge on the competition, Gayafores offers its customers the power to transform their creative passions into a reality. Merche Romero, in charge of Digital Marketing and Communications, tells us, “The Gayafores team works every day with a clear objective: that the final product reaches the highest excellence before reaching the market to become decorative solutions adapted to the needs of today's interior design. And for this, the company relies on its professionalism and the collaboration of strategic partners for the technological supply and raw materials.” It is with this attitude and craftsmanship that Gayafores provides exquisite products in a strictly professional way. This ensures the highest quality of service as well as long lasting decorative supplies. The staff at Gayafores play a huge part in its success, not only for their creation process but also for their openness and adventurous nature with a variety of designs and materials. “The Gayafores team forms a big family. In fact, the company is characterized by its family character and by prioritizing the well-being and professional growth of its employees as the key to finding the best talent and retaining and promoting it appropriately,” Merche shares. The team ensures a quick yet effective service and a person-centred attitude that leaves customers feeling heard. Striving to provide Gayafores products to Spain, Europe and the rest of the world, Merche adds, “Gayafores has fully consolidated its international presence and, as an SME with a clear vision, continues to be committed to ensuring that Made in Spain ceramics