European Enterprise Awards 2021

54 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Nov21667 Best Travel Design Technology Company - Southeastern France The aviation industry is constantlymoving forward, and a technological revolution forms the heart of this movement. The teamat MILANAMOS have made their name by taking an increasingly complex ecosystemand using technology to simplify it. Their achievement has been recognized by the teamat EU Business News in their European Enterprise Awards 2021. We dig a little deeper into their success. When it comes to route planning, optimization is key. Whilst this sort of work might have been performed by numerous technicians in the past, many companies simply don’t have the resources for this. A low-cost technological solution makes finding the optimal way forward possible for anybody and the team at MILANAMOS are committed to delivering it. The firm’s flagship product is AIR.PM, designed to coordinate and optimize fleet planning, network development and operational costs, while enhancing profitability and delivering tangible and concrete results. The secret to this remarkable innovation is the platform’s ability to integrate more than 300 different sources of market information and build a plan out of it. MILANAMOS has quickly grown into the largest database designed for the travel industry, making it a boon to those who are looking to use its services. For airlines, the use of MILANAMOS is likely to become essential. Instead of following regular economic cycles, the industry faces a future of disruption accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, but driven forward by environmental solutions and a technological revolution. To combat the new challenges facing the sector as a whole, AIR.PM has been designed to incorporate openly accessible information, collaborative decision making and advanced algorithms that will secure new heights of success. Technology obviously lies at the centre of the business, but it is in the field of Predictive Mobility that the team has been able to thrive. This has seen the team partner up with international consulting companies and universities to stay at the technological forefront of what services they can offer. The use of Big Intelligence (Big Data and Market Intelligence), Agile Optimization, and Forward Simulation is vital to this approach. The MILANAMOS forecasting solution is the only one to integrate six complex models, for the ultimate in reliability. They are always exploring the possibilities, not only of what technology can provide today, but of what it will be able to offer in the future. As such, the team’s success comes from their ability to account for what is yet to come. Whilst recognized within the pages of EU Business News for their technological mindset, they have won numerous awards in many international innovation competitions. MILANAMOS has been listed in the Top 10 Worldwide Big Data Solution Providers 2020, won the Innovation Challenge 2030 in 2014, is a proud member of the European Union Research Center in Mobility, and holds membership of both the Artificial Intelligence Community and the AGIFORS. Leading the way forward through working in circles such as these has been a formative part of the business’s approach. Few can argue with the remarkable success of the MILANAMOS team, with their approach guiding the aviation industry forward to its future heights of success. In a world that is constantly changing, this is a business that is not only accounting for change, but anticipating it. We cannot wait to see what they do next in this exciting and dynamic industry. Company: MILANAMOS Contact: Christophe Ritter Email: [email protected]