European Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 55 , pallets proper, with a decrease of up to 90% on total cost ownership of packaging material and a 60% decrease in pallet weight, alongside environmental benefits from waste reduction and increased efficiency. Additionally, despite being a young company, Ponera has wasted no time in establishing itself as a client-focused and dynamic team of creatives, ready to solve the shipping world’s next big challenge with tenacity and diligence, and forever improving its own environmental and social responsibility as it moves forward into 2022 and beyond. Company: Ponera Group Contact: Masoud Talebi Amiri Website: Nov21832 Industrial Packaging Circular Economy Innovators of the Year 2021 A pallet and logistical management group that is cutting down onwaste, inefficiency, and manual mistakes in the shipping world, Ponera Group is showing an old industry a variety of new tricks. Bucking the trend of sticking by standardised pallets simply because they are the standard, this young start-up wishes to take its industry into the future one shipment at a time by bringing to light the benefits of amodular system, benefits that improve the business of the client, satisfy their end customer, and reduce the impact of shipping on the environment. Ponera Group is a provider of a smart modular and digitally enabled industrial packaging solutions. Fundamentally, this digital packing service boasts modules that can be used to create any of pallets and crates that use Internet of Things sensors in order to provide real-time data on shipments with the end goal of further increasing the transport efficiency of its clients’ businesses. It does this by the effective use of data science, specifically. In essence, it facilitates circular logistics and delivers unprecedented efficiency and transparency in freight logistics, with a continuous vision of transforming one- time uses of consumable packaging material into valuable operational assets, orchestrating an effective sharing economy in order to provide activity-based digital services. Increasing the efficiency of processes linked to industrial packaging and shipment is something that it is incredibly passionate about, and something that it sees making all the difference in the logistical world moving forward, especially thanks to the disruption the pandemic has caused across the board. It is no longer feasible to rely so heavily on manual management, especially with so many other processes to worry about. This is where Ponera’s help is invaluable, as its multiple patent applications cover both utility and design in national entries phases, and it has five industrial pilots which started in 2021 where more than 2000 pallet modules are in circulation in its client’s infrastructure. Therefore, it has been able to gain notoriety in serving a wide variety of different companies, its supply chain having been set up for the first stage of commercialisation and able to deliver over 100k pallet modules in total, enjoying certification in both ISO9001 and ISO14001. Its traction as a start-up has also been noted amongst a variety of European companies who are now partnered with Ponera, helping it to further keep its finger on the pulse of the latest developments and innovations in its industry such as those focused on reducing the wood waste of standard pallets by way of the smart modular packing system, providing any sizes in terms of surface area. Increased modularity also increases efficiency, effectives, and reliability of the