European Enterprise Awards 2021

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , different national, European and international sources, there are few options finer than the team from ODAS Global Consulting. The team also offer access to European funds to businesses. This often complex process can once again be smoothed by the ODAS Global Consulting team who are happy to take their clients through the process for this. No two businesses are the same, and neither are the applications which must be made. As such, an experienced consultancy team such as those at ODAS Global Consulting is a must in order to access the necessary support. Preparing even the initial documentation for a grant agreement is by no means simple and must be carried in out in accordance with strict financial aid specifications. Working with ODAS Global Consulting means a 100% guarantee that a project will be eligible, and this is part of the contract. The team also offer comprehensive assistance until the commissioning of a project is complete. Since opening their doors in 2003, the ODAS Global Consulting team have supported hundreds of clients, with 515 satisfied customers and 451 success stories. This incredible achievement, and the amazing testimonials from those who have turned to the team for support showcase the reasons behind trusting the ODAS Global Consulting team to deliver. While many companies in Romania are looking to revitalize the burgeoning industry in the region, few have embraced the potential of the European market as the team from ODAS Global Consulting. For them, Europe really lies at the heart of where business is going. The team’s rise to the top of the market is a direct result of their efforts within the business sector and has seen them enter into numerous chambers of commerce, Business clubs, national, European and international institutions. Those who want to grow their businesses can easily see the potential of what the ODAS Global Consulting team have to offer purely based on the network that they have developed. When looking for a team that can enhance your growth, it’s worth turning to a team that always puts growth at the center of how they work. This determination is what keeps the business moving forward in a rapidly changing economy, making the right decisions for their clients. We celebrate the team’s enormous success, both for themselves and for their clients, and look forward to seeing the direction they head in next. The future of European enterprise looks bright indeed with ODAS Global Consulting leading the way. Company: ODAS Global Consulting Contact: Rus Nadia Email: [email protected]