European Enterprise Awards 2021

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Enterprise Awards 2021 , Most Innovative Cyber Security Firm 2021 - France SQUAD, a company that has indeed built up a ‘squad’ of professionals who each are incredible talents in cyber security, is the firm slowly but surelymaking its ways to the top of Europe’s cyber protection industry. The company’s vision ? Building amore secured cyber society. Withmanymore clients than ever before joining the market, and the sector adapting and evolving on a daily basis in order to adapt to the new challenges of cybercrime and shifting technology, SQUAD is looking forward to welcoming 440 new recruits into its fold in 2022 – 750 in 2025 – in order to continue working towards its goal of becoming Europe’s number 1 cybersecurity organisation. When it comes to discussing ‘SQUAD goals’, this company has a leg up on the competition. Fundamentally, this company provides high levels of exemplary, leading, and professional expertise in cybersecurity consultation, working across all manner of different industries, scales, and sectors in order to serve a diverse and loyal roster of clientele. Over the years it has been in operation, SQUAD has slowly made a name for itself with the diligence and efficacy of its work, each member of its team plying their specialisms and high-level understanding of cybersecurity in order to keep it a highly competitive name in defending France’s corporate ecosystem from cyberattacks. Although it is a relatively young enterprise – having only just past its tenth birthday – this firm has wasted no time in getting recognised. Nowadays, SQUAD has been accredited as one of the top 10 cybersecurity companies in France, with a turnover rate of 63.5 million Euros that it achieved in 2021, through organic growth alone. Critically, this speaks to the quality of service that its clients receive, as many of them go on to recommend SQUAD to peers and colleagues either through word-of- mouth referrals or online reviews, and more still become lifelong customers and friends of the business. In this manner, SQUAD has developed a huge contact network that spans everything from defence and banking to telecommunication and transportation, all feeding into its overall macro goal of becoming one of Europe’s top cybersecurity and cyber defence firms, looking to have reached 1,600 experts in Nov218062 2025. By focusing on growing its team in this manner, and having the customer base to back it up, it is ensuring that it will always have the right amount of professional cybersecurity professionals on staff to be able to meet rising customer demand, something that will likely only become more pivotal as the pandemic remote work paradigm settles down into something more concrete for a post-pandemic world. At SQUAD, it takes pride on its internal culture of sharing technical expertise. Each team talks to one another, and communication within its ranks is exemplary, allowing for full-service and highly effective cybersecurity service, covering governance and risks, compliance issues, and even operational security. Essentially, it assists its clientele in implementing a full cyberattack- proof infrastructure, fitting itself seamlessly around their existing structures in order to tailor the solutions to fit the company it is working with at the time, reducing the perimeter for possible attacks and mitigating risks at every turn. Of course, in such a high-intensity, high- velocity industry such as cybersecurity, having that work-life balance amongst the professionals it hires is critically important. SQUAD ensures this by creating an internal atmosphere of ‘natural’ instead of ‘imposed’ work ethic; a staff member can pick up the projects they show a voracious interest in, and this ensures that a good job is done to an incredibly reliable degree. Moreover, staff members at SQUAD are chosen for their soft skills such as people skills, charisma, and good fit with the rest of the team as well as technical knowhow. This has allowed it to maintain a healthy working environment for its employees that allows them to focus on the tasks at hand, enjoy the company of their colleagues, and speak up if something is amiss or they are every uncomfortable with a decision being made. After all, for SQUAD, the success of the cybersecurity industry is down to the people. It may deal in remote security options that – more often than not – are not visible to many employees as they work, but the people who created that technology certainly are, and it is sure to give credit where credit is due. By attracting and retaining the best professional relations, it has cultivated a sustainable way