European Enterprise Awards 2022

16. Invoice Finance Quote Search Services Provider of the Year - UK With extensive experience behind it, FundInvoice LLP skilfully helps UK businesses seeking receivables financing. After winning this title in the European Enterprise Awards 2022, Glenn Blackman said a few words about how his customer-focused business provides the best finance and quote search services in the UK. Founded in 2013, FundInvoice LLP began with the aim to bring cash flow enhancing services to UK companies. After working in the finance sector for over 30 years, Glenn Blackman and Sean Morrow decided to create a company that brings the best invoice finance deals to UK businesses. As independent invoice finance specialists, FundInvoice LLP has continued to assist companies with their extensive catalogue of market research and mystery shopper studies, helping to support their clients as they seek funding. FundInvoice LLP’s small team offer a very personal service, and the company thrives on being able to help businesses. Consistently highly rated for its service, FundInvoice LLP has the mission to not only save customers money, but also focus on speed of delivery. This is the second year in a row that FundInvoice LLP has won an award in the European Enterprise Awards, and with last year’s win of Best Invoice Finance Brokerage – UK, business is thriving yet again. The free to use platform offers an extensive range of solutions and guidance to businesses around the UK alongside offering an invoice finance and factoring quotation search service. The company truly provides everything a business could need to understand their financial requirements. Glenn Blackman explains, “Our research work has underpinned everything that we do and placed us in a position to act as thought leaders within our sector. We continue to benchmark pricing across our sector in order to better serve our customers. This has resulted in the elevated levels of satisfaction that our clients enjoy.” There have been significant developments in the range of funding solutions that are available to UK companies. Whilst this provides a lot of opportunities for businesses in the UK, it can increase the difficulty in finding the correct solutions for each company. Glenn tells us more about the need to help customers get on the right path, he says, “We understand all the options, and product nuances so that we can provide customers with tailored guidance. Our role is to match our customers with the providers and products that will best meet their requirements. We have been proud to play a small part in helping many of these businesses secure the finance they needed to support their aspirations.” From the company’s base in East Sussex, FundInvoice LLP delivers personal service, support, and guidance, utilising the latest communications technology. This reduces the carbon footprint of the company, without compromising the quality of its customer experience. Each member of the team makes themselves available to business whenever they need help. Relishing the chance to save customers money, they measure themselves in terms of the cost savings that have been found for customers. The incredible speed of service is a part of what makes this company so successful, helping customers in a record time of just seven hours since the initial contact, FundInvoice LLP has been able to solve cash problems fast. The key to a great business is to understand the everchanging industry in which they operate Glenn says, “We are aware of the latest offers and discounts available. In some cases, these have been exclusive to our customers. Also, we have embedded our funding partner’s technology within our website, so customers can access finance quotes within just 60 seconds.” FundInvoice LLP will continue increasing the number of companies it helps, constantly seeking new ways to spread the message about how receivables financing can unlock cash tied up in unpaid invoices to support business growth. The more people they can connect with, the more they can help find the best funding solutions available in the UK. Contact: Glenn Blackman Company: FundInvoice LLP Web Address: Nov22402