European Enterprise Awards 2022

Jul22493 17. Jul22493 Kevin Stephan Ltd is headed by a man on a monumental mission. Focused on helping others with their marketing strategies, this business aids them in growing and developing in such a fast-paced world. Here we talk to Kevin Stephan about his journey and his business as he wins this award. Beginning his career life as a sales person, Kevin Stephan found a passion for working with a wide variety of people across many industries. Kevin tells us, “When I got started in the world of business, marketing, and sales I started like many people out there: I was studying biology, was about to start a family and wanted to provide for my family. Because of that I started with sales jobs, tried a lot of things, and failed more times than I could count. “I was always ignited by the direct sales niche as in my opinion, Innovation needs Education- and this is what a good sales representative does. He will show you a new product – an innovation to you – and educate you about how it will make your life better.” Kevin has come a long way since his beginning in the world of sales. Now, he is a successful individual with his own company – an award-winning company. He informs us, “It took 5 years to develop, lots of failures on the way, until, overnight, the success lifted off my business, shooting me to a full-time career with my home business. “That first success was in 2017, and, since then, I trained hundreds of individuals in this strategy and receive requests to consult companies on a regular basis.” Kevin believes in the power of communication between himself, customers, and partners, so that everyone can be honest and clear about what they want. This ensures the gap between what they want and what they have can be closed. Honesty, respect, and clarity are just some of Kevin Stephan’s strengths – as well as the ability to identify clients’ pain points and actively solve their issues. He keeps an eye open on macro changes in the market so that he can learn and then inform clients which way is best. Passionate about AI, blockchain, web3, and the metaverse, Kevin knows that innovation in technology is the way forward in the marketing sphere. Working in the multilevel marketing (MLM) world, Kevin has a deep understanding of how important it is to be educated. He strives to learn all he can in his areas of expertise, so that he may pass on that knowledge to future generations. For 2023 and beyond, Kevin is due to continue studying and pushing for developments, security, and safety in the web3, blockchain, and crypto space. Kevin Stephan has now won Best Network Online & Marketing Company, Cyprus, and its leader is sure to continue evolving with the times. Congratulations. Contact: Kevin Stephan Company: Kevin Stephan Web Address: Best Network Online & Marketing Company – Cyprus Dec224 2