European Enterprise Awards 2022

20. Best Private Wealth Investment Firm – Baden-Württemberg Hartmann & Benz GmbH is a licensed German enterprise with a longstanding reputation in the international market for precious metals. The company provides a fully-fledged scope of services for gold investors, ranging from acquisition and trading to storage in secured vaults. Its latest revolutionary project, Easygold Token, is the first of its kind in developing the first security token that enables seamless, secure, and profitable gold investing through profit participation rights. Easygold token is the perfect option for any investor looking to professionally buy gold, or other precious metals for financial gain. With multiple partnerships in the precious metals sector as well as solid suppliers of raw gold at some of the lowest prices in the industry, it manages the buying and selling process effectively, bringing great returns for its investors. By constantly working on its operational cycle, it acquires, processes, and sells gold with any proceeds collected through the transactions used towards acquiring high quality LBMA certified gold bars. These gold bars are then traded on the open market, generating profits that will be reinvested in acquiring more raw gold. Its process is steady but very successful for its investors. From this method of buying and selling gold bars, the investors are eligible for a variable profit of 50% of the revenue made by Easygold Token. By adhering to the highest sustainability standards, its gold bars are created from buying raw gold from mines located in Africa as well as on other continents. The raw gold is processed into impure bars, which is then melted down and cleaned giving a purity of 99.99%, and unmatched anywhere in the world. The filtering procedure uses borax as a flux to purify gold concentrates and is among the most environmentally friendly ways of filtering pure gold from ores. For transparency, it discloses all information about its operational cycle including what gold it acquires and its profits margins, giving investors trust in the company. This honest way of working gives investors reassurance in exactly what is happening with their assets and its experienced team offer work on a ‘besteffort’ basis, making the shareholders feel secure in any business deal. Its attentive service does not stop there, Easygold do not charge any additional fees for the storage of any gold bars. Together with holding good relationships with several first-tier suppliers of raw gold, and experience in the field, the company reaches utmost efficiency in serving over 1,000 customers in 2 years. This year is looking very exciting as it is pleased to announce its public listing on the OTC Market. The EasyGold24 online platform offers a step into the realm of gold, meaning that EasyGold24 listings can be listed on one of the three OTC markets for trading, including the OTCQX market, the OTCQB market, and the Pink market. Easygold believes that currencies come and go, stocks rise and fall, global debt, and the risk of a major financial crash increase – only gold shines and stays. With this in mind, a 3-year timeline has been devised with major events to develop both the company and Easygold token project, including not only selling to Europe, but breaking into the USA markets too! HARTMANN & BENZ, LLC a District of Columbia limited liability company 1717 N Street, NW STE 1 Washington, DC 20036 [email protected] Press: Lisa Anderson Dec22112