European Enterprise Awards 2022

Aug22136 Most Distinctive FurnitureManufacturer - Germany Tojo Möbel GmbH is a dynamic, innovative company, founded in Germany in June 2000. It aims to develop furniture that is characterised by its timeless design, functionality, ecology, and economy. Tojo Möbel GmbH is an award-winning, design-oriented brand that produce affordable, minimalist products. Focusing on a natural and simple shape, their products ooze elegance yet outstanding functionality and have received several nominations and awards for design and originality. With a passionate team of designers, Tojo Möbel GmbH pride themselves on achieving products that are well thought-out to function not only furniture pieces, but ones that can adapt to their surroundings and are fit for many purposes. The versatility in the pieces is enhanced by the modular and expandable systems and is a feature that transpires through a range of products from shelving, cabinets, closets, tables, seating furniture, and now children’s furniture. The furniture can become the focal feature in any room, whether that is a residential building, home office, or even a company building. With production sites in Germany, Northern Italy, and Hungary, its products are stocked in hundreds of stores worldwide and online with its sophisticated and everlasting designs appealing to a larger customer base. A crucial element to Tojo Möbel GmbH, is that the products are sustainably designed, to the highest level. Like the design of its products, its production process is also professionally constructed. Maintaining an excellent and ethical process it does not use any wood from illegal sources, but the wood that used is specially sourced from forests which have been sustainably managed. Its products are not treated with any wood preservatives and any MDF used is FSC certified. The company continues to reduce the amount of waste wherever possible and evolves its materials to be completely recyclable – with the only exceptions being fixtures and fittings. Tojo Möbel, clearly excels in product design and development, even its packaging brings logistic advantages. The products are produced to be dismantled and shipped easily, allowing for environmental gain within its distribution. The many faceted business is succeeding in all aspects from design and functionality to materials and sustainability, and wishes to continue growing in this direction. It believes that with the cooperation of various young designers, the product range of Tojo Möbel could be constantly expanded and build on its strong foundations that already exist. We are pleased to announce its win in the European Enterprise Awards 2022, and we look forward to seeing even more of its work. Contact: Robin Bieker Company: Tojo Möbel GmbH Web Address: Dec 4