European Enterprise Awards 2022

22. Aug22346 Wiedling Literary Agency is based in Munich and predominantly focuses on authors who write in Russophone languages. Irrelevant to whether they are Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, or citizens of other countries around the world, they are authors who translate and write in Russian. Being multi-lingual there is a large need for these translations and the literary agency is keen on promoting its written products but also offers services like research, fundraising, networking. Being based in Munich, Wiedling Literary Agency has a strong advantage against some of its competitiors, with its owner being a literary translator from Russian to German for over 10 years. Covering a large geographic has positively impacted the company, possessing a worldwide representation of literary works written in Russian, across various genres including fiction, nonfiction, memoir, crime, and body-mind-spirit. The agency represents literature in all its diversity, with no exception to books that feature exclusion or oppression of others. It holds a special portfolio of sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, postal, young adult fantasy, and cyberpunk, which appeals to a specific audience. The agency is made up of a small but experienced team of essential experts who can work remotely on any online device, giving it a great deal of flexibility and scope. Even after the effects of Covid, it is still apparent that the successful submission of literature in translation provided by Wiedling Literary Agency is well desired by its niche audience. The book market has changed and the accessibility of translation of more varied languages, like Russian, is becoming difficult to source, but the company has used this as an advantage. With most of society isolating during the pandemic, parents had to occupy their children at home, where they found the literature of the agency a great source of entertainment. With different trends emerging from these times, the company found that a positive factor was the rise in young adult fantasy titles. Due to the geographic nature of the company, Covid is not the only global change which has influenced Wiedling Literary Agency’s sales. Since Russia's invasion in Ukraine, the company witnessed a large increase of interest in Ukrainian titles, which led to the agency’s most successful year so far. Although delighted by its recent success, it recognises that this will not be a long-term additional development to the company but the creation of a great platform to sustain the visibility of Russophone literature on the worldwide book market. To build a successful future the agency aims to focus on similar projects which will bring wide attention to the agency and its portfolio as whole. Future projects include broadening its platform to new Ukrainian and Belarusian authors but also to Russian authors who have been affected by current events. With the agency’s experience and place in the book industry, it believes it holds a Best Russian Language Literary Agency - Europe responsibility to its buyers and hopes to uphold and pursue its reputation of working with harmonious business relationships. Contact: Thomas Wiedling Company: Wiedling Literary Agency Web Address: