European Enterprise Awards 2022

Aug22136 Best Investment Consulting for Individuals - Czech Republic Specialising in real estate consultancy, RealCare Invest Ltd. offer an educational service for local and international property investments. The drive and determination of the company is to focus on meeting customer needs and creating strong working relationships. Based in Prague, it has a team of expert consultants, providing outstanding service with a detailed knowledge of the market and economy. RealCare’s team is built with a flexible structure which is greatly appreciated by the team, who are all well motivated and passionate about the company. RealCare Invest Ltd.’s team are self-driven and work mainly on an individual basis, but they are likeminded employees who strive to achieve the same company vision. The team believes that working to meet the clients’ needs is an essential part of their business. RealCare aims to perfectly meet expectations through its detailed process, providing the relevant information about the clients primary and secondary priorities regarding location and property type. This strategy alone acquires large benefits for the company. By impressing clients with its service, it has built a good reputation amongst clients, passing on recommendation to other investors and it is now experiencing a rise in 3rd generation investors and returning clients. Global events, like Covid and the invasion of Ukraine, have dramatically changed international property investments with clients thinking differently about where to invest. Previously popular areas are no longer as sought after, and the shift has moved towards safer locations with lower tax. RealCare have taken these new challenges in its stride and managed to navigate this, finding investments and various other successes along the way. Due to the recent years’ events, the knowledge of the company has grown, with international buyers now expecting real estate consultants to understand all legal aspects and own a license including Professional Indemnity Insurance. Like many successful companies looking to move forward, RealCare is listening to clients and expanding its services according to their needs. It currently operates three different divisions: • Yielding properties (properties with rental guarantee) • Second homes (beach and mountain properties) • Properties in Dubai As of Q1 2023, it will be opening a new division that will complete its full portfolio to suit all property investors. The new division will cover property management services in Prague, which will be operated on a system of full rental properties from investors. That means expanding the company’s services and team, taking on a lot of new responsibilities and creating more working relationships. RealCare Invest Ltd. believes that there is no space for wrong decisions in the current market. So, with its expert skills, strength, and determination, the company’s exciting plans of selling properties in Prague to international clients and other worldwide businesses, it is sure to be an exciting journey. Contact: Iveta Paukova Company: RealCare Invest Ltd. Web Address: Nov 455