European Enterprise Awards 2022

24. Business Software Solution Provider of the Year - Lower Austria myCTS is a technology and software solutions company that adapts to complex business needs with human-centric processes and designs. It is one of the most renowned technology partners of InterSystems in Central Europe, offering cost-efficient solutions to a range of different industries, 365 days a year. No matter the challenge, the team at myCTS endeavour to deliver the best work processes and efficiencies within software solutions. The company’s success has evolved over time, making its mark from recognising the needs of businesses working with applications running on InterSystems IRIS/Caché. To keep up to date with the fast progress of web technologies, it is common within the industry that businesses try to integrate mobile devices into existing processes via native apps. However, the development of these apps is an overly complex challenge, which is time consuming and expensive. With years of experience in the field, myCTS have utilised this need and found a solution called webHERALD®, a Highly Extensible Rapid Application Development framework. webHERALD®, is the ultimate server-based platform created specifically for InterSystems IRIS/Caché Developers by Caché Developers. This software enables the application of platformindependent technology for all browser-based applications. myCTS have created this developer framework that sits between the InterSystems IRIS/Caché server and the internet. The framework allows developers to create adaptive web-applications for a wide range of deviceswithout any specific knowledge of web technologies. During the creation of the software, the company ensured that the software is human-centred and easy to use. The development of its user-friendly software is just one of the reasons it has become one of the leading firms within its field. Based in Europe, it has a strong client base where long-term business relationships have been formed along with help from its well-built infrastructure of staff. myCTS live and breathe positive leadership and believe that having the right team has been key component on its success. It is the first InterSystems Solution partner organisation in the German-speaking countries that has been certified for their new integrated data platform IRIS. This is a major achievement, and looking forward into 2023 and beyond, it now plans to build on this further by assisting other partners and developer teams with the use of its frontend development framework webHERALD. Contact: Armin Forstner Company: myCTS - myCommercial Technology Solutions Web Address: Nov22314