European Enterprise Awards 2022

26. Dec22306 A dental practice can be notoriously scary places – after all, there’s a name dedicated to the fear of dentists: Dentophobia. This fear is often passed down from parents to children, creating a potentially terrifying experience for the entire family once it is time to visit the dentist. This isn’t the case for Dentalmed Wolfsberg Zahnarztliche Gemeinschaftspraxsis, which has endeavoured to provide a haven from the usual expectations of a dental practice. Combating the fear of the dentist’s chair is no easy task, and requires finding the right people, the right location, the right experts for the job. Luckily for its patients, Dentalmed Wolfsberg Zahnarztliche Gemeinschaftspraxsis was founded from the outset to change the paradigm towards more patient-centric offerings and services. Crucially, the practice has capitalised on a foundation of modern dentistry to help build its formidable brand image. Of course, all dental work is carried out directly in-house, with the latest industry technology and equipment, and a true focus on comfort and painless processes and methodology. “In our dental practice in the heart of Wolfsberg, we take care of the concerns of adult and adolescent patients. DDr. Miroslav Lenhardt ensures that you feel comfortable at the dentist at Dentalmed. Children are fully cared for by Dr. Jacqueline Lenhardt MSc at Dentalkids.” All in all, Dentalmed Wolfsberg Zahnarztliche Gemeinschaftspraxsis truly cares about its patients. That much is so clear from the outset. The practice’s brand image is based entirely around projecting its ethics and expertise to new and current clients alike. That in itself works to differentiate the company from an altogether highly competitive sphere. Take, for instance, Dentalmed Wolfsberg Zahnarztliche Gemeinschaftspraxsis’ approach to punctuality: “Our patients and their time are important to us. Time is a precious commodity for everyone. Therefore, we plan our office hours very precisely. We pay particular attention to an organised and smooth process and accurate appointments in order to ensure the shortest possible waiting times.” Most Pleasant Family Dental Practice - Carinthia This is a rare thing indeed – at least to the degree on display here. While the greater industry seeks to move into more patient-centric leanings in light of current trends, Dentalmed Wolfsberg Zahnarztliche Gemeinschaftspraxsis is already established and seeing the benefits of doing so. Patient centricity is the future of the medical industry, working side by side with a refinement in expertise and training. When taken as a package, it’s no surprise that the clinic has seen immense success since its establishment, and continues to lead the way in patient centric practices on the greater European landscape. Company: Dentalmed Wolfsberg Zahnarztliche Gemeinschaftspraxsis Address: Rikliweg 2, 9400 Wolfsberg Telephone: +43 4352 514510 Email: [email protected]