European Enterprise Awards 2022

Jul22493 25. Locating an agency that can do it all can be difficult. However, providing marketing and consulting, Search Engine Optimization, and web, print, and corporate design, FAKTOR 1 has made its way to the top in Bavaria. Here we profile the business as it wins this title in the European Enterprise Awards 2022. “We love it when advertising rocks – and when design inspires.” FAKTOR 1 has a fantastic array of services on offer. Spanning from marketing strategy and consulting to communication and web development, FAKTOR 1 is an advertising agency driven by pure creativity, passion, and experience. With a keen interest in sports, leisure, and tourism, FAKTOR 1 takes on a variety of projects that effortlessly mirror this. However, it has such a deeply rich knowledge of marketing and design that it is able to work across any industry. Creating the right strategy starts by gaining insight into what a client wishes to achieve, and how. FAKTOR 1 then materialises bespoke solutions for them, so that they can experience the best-performing strategies which, ultimately, lead them to a higher rate of accomplishment and recognition. Expanding cross-media communication concepts and projects, FAKTOR 1 picks at its clients’ pain points to understand them, develops solutions, and delivers them in an expert fashion. It is a firm believer that good design can be difficult but good design doesn’t need to be difficult. FAKTOR 1 has built a strong relationship with clients who trust in its ability to create seamless designs from scratch. Designing promotional materials, logos, websites, adverts, and much more, FAKTOR 1 allows its clients to reach a vast audience of people who will, inevitably, see them in a new light. Elevating and enlivening a business brand, FAKTOR 1 takes what may be a small idea, nurtures it, and helps it to grow – so that its clients can reach new heights. Not only has FAKTOR 1 become a huge driving force in its industry, but its name has spread far and wide. Its client satisfaction rates are astonishingly high, and the reviews it has received are outstanding. With 5-star reviews through Proven Expert, FAKTOR 1 has received an incredible amount of appreciation for its competency, integrity, and trustworthy nature. One of its happy clients even said, “WOW! They still exist, the companies that you can tell enjoy doing their job. FACTOR 1 is one of them. I am enthusiastic about Mr. Bittner's work. We ordered our logo, business card, stationery, flyer, and website from him. He helped us perfectly with everything.” FAKTOR 1’s wisdom, dedication, and experience that shines on a daily basis, and we are thrilled to present it with the prestigious title of Best Web Design Agency – Bavaria. Contact: Frank Bittner Company: FAKTOR 1 Web Address: Best Web Design Agency – Bavaria “We fine-tune your advertising until you and we like it and then assume that others will also like it.” – Frank Bittner, Owner