European Enterprise Awards 2022

28. Portrait Studio of the Year - North Rhine-Westphalia When introducing ourselves to the world, we don’t always see our own beauty. Which is exactly why it’s important to find a photographer with a keen eye for detail, and an ability to fill us with self-confidence. Here we talk to Ines as her portrait studio, Die SEELENfotogräfin®, continues to thrive. “They call me “die SEELENfotogräfin®”, the soul photographer, because beauty in my world is not on the outside but what shines within you.” Based near Düsseldorf, Germany, Die SEELENfotogräfin® is a boutique portrait studio with a real difference, and that difference is its owner – Ines Schäfer. Ines specialises in “magazine style portraits for everyday women and in personal branding for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs,” and she pours her heart and soul into her work. Striving to improve her clients’ self-confidence and, Ines says, “my main mission is to help women exist in portraits they absolutely love because in my world there doesn´t exist anything like “not being photogenic”. In my humble opinion “being photogenic” is a myth and with my work I can prove anybody wrong about their self-perception.” Ines has been following her passion since 2016 in the USA, just before she relocated to Germany in 2017. Not only does she have experience in creating a calming atmosphere, but Ines tells us, “I provide professional hair and makeup artistry with my sessions as well as a professionally guided photo shooting – along with a welcome package for my clients to take home with all the questions answered that might come up.” Her service is completely different to the service of others, so that he clients feel more than comfortable. She also offers “handpicked luxury photography items to display in their homes once we are finished with their images, so they are everyday reminded of their excellence and beauty and potential, especially on bad days, which may occur every now and then in our everyday life.” Ines works with freelance hair and makeup artists that help clients to feel good in their own skin. She believes that it is most important to have the right attitude and mindset in order to help clients feel relaxed and empowered. Currently, Ines is moving to a larger studio that will open up all kinds of opportunities for her and her team. This has allowed Die SEELENfotogräfin® to host a space where women can feel energised and pampered, she tells us, “I am looking forward to a big opening hopefully in spring with an exhibition of my last project “50 women over 50” which was a huge success.” Another great success is the “Schaefer Stündchen”, which is a quick business headshot shoot that gives us a fast boost and access to a new, professional photograph. Throughout everything, Ines prioritises the clients’ wishes and aspirations. Whether it’s a quick shoot or a lengthy one, Ines and the team bring a breath of fresh air to the experience – leaving clients feeling renewed. Now that Ines’ studio has won Portrait Studio of the Year, North Rhine-Westphalia, she has gained even more recognition for her hard work. From client reviews to global recognition, Ines has won the respect of many, and she is due to continue boosting people’s confidence as she takes on more clients and projects for the future. Angela, one of her many clients, said, “Ines is a photographer who puts her heart and soul into getting the best out of her "models". Already in the preparation she accompanies so that the "Glamour Day" becomes what it promises. The fantastic portraits that you have afterwards pronounce it. You just feel so comfortable during the shoot that in addition to the beautiful photos, the day will be remembered as an unforgettable experience.” To experience Die SEELENfotogräfin® for yourself, book online today! Contact: Ines Schäfer Company: Die SEELENfotogräfin® Web Address: Dec22204