European Enterprise Awards 2022

Jul22493 29. Ethical consumption is certainly difficult in the modern age. A single product can go through many hands, and not all will have the highest of standards when it comes to ethical production. Yet, osmetik has become one of the paragons in the beauty industry for its sustainable, natural, ethical and professional offerings. We take a closer look at the company to find out more. The European Enterprise programme has, over the years, spotlighted many firms, individuals, groups and companies who do extraordinary things across the continent. Based in Aarau, Switzerland, Maykosmetik is a beauty salon that specialises in high quality cosmetics and beauty procedures that have set new best practices in the market. Crucially, Maykosmetik’s philosophy is divided across 6 distinct pillars that are crucial for its business model: green beauty, agony-free production, professional, safety and compliance, tailored products and, love. Passion drives Maykosmetik, and it energises all that the company offers. This love is evident throughout the entire business, with clients often complimenting the staff, atmosphere and quality of the services. “Cosmetics is our world!” Rosine Datwyler, Founder and Owner of Maykosmetik, endeavoured to create a space and business that was truly clientcentric, with a robust foundation that represented the very best of the greater cosmetics industry. While the company was founded in 2008, it launched its highly popular Mayakiri Cosmetics line in 2018 – which aimed to reflect the treatment concept of Maykosmetikikinstitut from its inception. More recently, Maykup The Glam Finish was launched in 2021, which is the company’s in-house makeup line to continue the excellence post-treatment. Naturally, all of Maykosmetik’s products are vegan, free of paraben and animal testing. From here it’s easy to see how the company has established itself on the global stage – an impressive feat considering the sky-high expectations and quality of the worldwide wellness, beauty and cosmetic market. For those on the continent, there’s few alternatives that can rival Maykosmetik’s full offering. Whether you need micro-blading, JetPeel, permanent makeup or a full total skincare service, Maykosmetik provides it all, and with an incredibly dedication to client-centricity and professionalism. When it comes to the future, it should be no surprise to say that Rosine aims to further develop the company’s services and products in line with the greater industry trends. After all, the cosmetics industry is continuously evolving, adapting, innovating and creating – and Maykosmetik is keeping (and indeed, setting) the pace for others to follow. Watch this space, Maykosmetik is just getting started. Company: Maykosmetik Address: Laurenzentorgasse 14, 5000 Aarau, Switzerland Telephone: 062 822 71 87/ 076 496 06 79 Email: [email protected] Website: Best Medical Cosmetic Company - Switzerland