European Enterprise Awards 2022

34. Nov22746 There’s something very niche about redATTACK – ExclusiveDrumEvents that naturally distinguishes it from the European – and indeed global - entertainment market. Following the company’s recognition in the programme, we took a closer look at redATTACK to find out more. “redATTACK - the drum show with rhythmic sonic boom, redATTACK - expect the unexpected” Experience defines redATTACK. After all, it creates truly unique, immersive and memorable experiences for all that endeavour to become a part of one of its audiences. That’s its niche, andwhere it has built a truly incredible reputation. Based in Germany, the nature of the performance transcends language, enabling the company to expand seamlessly across borders and markets. The art – the music – is the beating heart of the business, and always will be. For Thomas Garding and Benjamin Gerth, the heads of redATTACK, the experience is everything to redATTACK’s success. The heart and unique selling point of their show is "theGLOBE" - redATTACK's musical globe, which is played horizontally and vertically, overhead, from inside and outside, due to the construction of a walkin sphere, by both actors.So it's not just the classically virtuosic elements that keep the audience in their seats. It is the sheer joy of playing of the two actors who - once let go - hammer the rhythm into heads and hearts. And that with so much shrill, weird, and funny energy that is explosively transmitted to the audience.” From the outset, there’s just not much else like redATTACK in the experiences industry, especially this side of the pandemic which unfortunately had an immense impact on the number of experience companies operated across Europe. As Thomas Garding puts it, this reduction of cultural offerings have only benefitted redATTACK, leaving a hole for the company to enter and thrive. “Due to the limited cultural offerings, new projects have a greater chance of growing. Germany as a business location is a major prerequisite for being able to work economically. Since the two art figures, REDDY & DRUMBLE, act nonverbally, Europe is the goal, creating a big playground to establish ourselves.” “Spontaneous players can be found in the audience and become part of the show”. It should be no surprise that the company is built on a firm culture defined by collaborative teamwork, creativity and innovation. “We are pursuing a common vision - to bring a drum and percussion show for the whole family to the stage and to perfectly combine funny, cheeky, entertaining, spectacular and musically sophisticated. All departments such as booking, marketing, technology, production and social networks work hand in hand. Creativity and the ability to work in a team are also important prerequisites when looking for talent.” As touched on, the future of redATTACK hinges on an ability to move across markets and expand to all corners of the continent, and beyond. Here, in his closing comments, Thomas Garding and Benjamin Gerth offers more insight into the company’s next steps. On the one hand, we are preparing our 10-year double anniversary, which we can finally celebrate in 2023 after COVID-19. Most Engaging Rhythmic Entertainment Group - Germany We’ll be celebrating a couble anniversary of redATTACK and the affiliated special school for drums and percussion "Trommel.Werk. Stadt. Also, our redATTACK picnic tour 2023 starts in Q2. Our anniversary workshop tour "Germany drums" starts in Q1.” Company Name: redATTACK - ExclusiveDrumEvents Address: Fichtestraße 6, 06667 Weißenfels Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]