European Enterprise Awards 2022

Jul22493 33. Being a wedding planner is challenging – that’s no secret. Finding success in this competitive industry relies on an ability to think of everything, and to meet the highest of expectations. Dreamday J&J Eventagentur has cultivated an incredible reputation in the sphere through an ability to meet all expectations, and indeed, go above and beyond. We spoke to co-Founder Jacqueline Schneider on the back of the company’s recognition to find out more. One thing is clear from the off - Dreamday J&J Eventagentur was created from a place of passion. While this is common in the event management space, Jacqueline and Dreamday J&J Eventagentur seem to take it to a different level, ensuring that every event is both client centric and distinguished. All in all, together with Joel Jung, Jacqueline has created a business that caters to events of all varieties, including birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events. “What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we don't just organise service providers but put 100% passion into every project and also make personally suitable decorations and gifts if our customer requests it,” Jacqueline explains. The latter element has made a crucial difference in the post-COVID events landscape, with a notable trend towards smaller, more personalised events. “The trend we are seeing is that customers are partying in smaller circles again and are placing more value on personal aspects again. In companies, too, one notices that it is more about the employees and less about status. We are also very happy that sustainable and green events are becoming more and more popular.” Let’s talk for a moment about Dreamday J&J Eventagentur’s internal culture. It shouldn’t be a surprise to say that the personable approach extends internally. “We attach great importance to treating each other with respect. Anyone who can organize and is a team player is welcome. Because it it is important to us that all customers are more than just satisfied, we also attach great importance to discipline. But in such a way that everyone feels comfortable and can get the best out of themselves.” As for the future, Jacqueline and Joel are planning to organise their own offering to bolster their position on the market, as the former explains in her closing comments. “For the future we are planning our own event that will bring people joy and will take place once a year. It's about the 90s. But not just about the music, no, we want people to be able to forget all their worries for a day and just be a kid again. That's why our event has the name "Child again". “Also, one of many projects for children will also be a festival where healthy children and children with disabilities work together and have fun. We want to eliminate the touch problems of healthy children and children with disabilities and also achieve that everyone sees that everyone is valuable, even with a disability. We also want to make our Laserescape, a mixture of laser tag and escape room, more popular and invent new "rooms". But of course, our main task is and always will be to create an unforgettable moment for our customers.” Company Name: Dreamday J&J Eventagentur Contact Name: Jacqueline Schneider Address: Lagerstraße 27, 4614 Marchtrenk, Österreich Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Telephone Number: 00436801535650 Best Wedding Planner & Event Manager - Upper Austria