European Enterprise Awards 2022

36. Best Early Phase Neuroscience Clinical Trials CRO - UK The Science Behind has curated a reputation based around excellence – which is made all the more impressive when you consider its chosen industry. Clinical trials in the Neuroscientific sphere. On the back of its well-earned success in the programme, we spoke with Managing and Project Director Tonia Smreczak to find out more. Established in 2016, The Science Behind quickly solidified an almost peerless reputation in a sphere that simply demands results. Driven by intellectual endeavours, those that want to make their mark must abide to the strictest of criterion and regulations. Of course, all of that almost goes without saying on the greater scientific landscape, but it is worth saying here to highlight how high the lowest benchmarks in the industry are. Indeed, since delivering its first clinical trial in 2017, The Science Behind has become a preferred supplier for a leading UK based CRO, among other partners. For Tonia, building a robust network of respected entities in the sphere was only step one in solidifying the company’s position in this immensely competitive industry. “Through our wide network, The Science Behind uniquely combines leading academic and scientific research expertise, with the latest brain stimulation and imaging technologies to provide clients with a flexible and bespoke solution for each clinical trial. “In the UK, The Science Behind is the only business offering these services outside the university research sector. We bridge the gap between industry and academia by facilitating access to the wealth of knowledge and skills for our clients and providing the tools and techniques that provide a clearer understanding of pharmacodynamic properties of drug candidate.” Putting the pandemic mostly behind us – which altogether had a minimal impact on the neuroscience landscape, “, the pandemic merely paused CNS clinical trials” – the next big trend is on incorporating big data solutions into clinical trials. Although, as Tonia explains, this is only really a focus for larger corporates in the space. “We think that smaller companies are yet to be convinced. Which we think is due to them working on very niche drug candidates that don’t necessarily have the volume of data to make this cost effective or even useful. That being said there is potential to understand off target affects which can themselves provide potentially new opportunities.” All that being said, The Science Behind is itself a small company operating among much larger enterprises. This has proven to be a benefit to its operations, often outmanoeuvring competitors with a focus on an agile talent and resource model. While this has limited the development of an in-house culture, so to speak, it has benefitted the company in a plethora of other ways, as Tonia explains. “When we’re looking for personnel to deploy on projects, we ultimately are looking for people with a background in brain imaging and brain stimulation research. This gives us, relative to other jobs, a very small pool of people to choose from. So, we rely in the first instance on recommendations and referrals from our academic colleagues.” When it comes to the future, especially the next 12 months or so, The Science Behind is looking to expand to North American shores, as Tonia explains in her closing comments. “The future for The Science Behind involves our first project supporting a study in the USA in 2023. For this study we are supplying brain imaging and brain stimulation equipment for the client’s team on the ground and data analysis of the acquired brain imaging data. “The short to medium term, we are building on the work we’ve done to date. The two-year hiatus that was the pandemic meant that to all intents and purposes business stood still. So 2022 has been a year for rebuilding the pipeline of work.” Company: The Science Behind Limited Name: Tonia Smreczak, Managing Director and Project Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: The Creative Quarter, Unit 1.08, 8a Morgan Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AF Nov22519 “We combine leading neuroscience academic and scientific research skills and expertise with the latest brain stimulation and brain imaging technology to provide our clients with a bespoke solution for each clinical trial.”