European Enterprise Awards 2022

Jul22493 37. Heath and beauty products are vital tools for everyday life, as they give us the power to take good care of ourselves – ultimately nurturing our self-confidence and comfort – balancing good mental and physical health. With over 30 years of experience in the health and beauty industry, NovaVita has been making its mark on individuals all across Ireland and the UK. Here we celebrate its win in the European Enterprise Awards 2022. Providing high-quality products to pharmacies and beauty care professionals throughout Ireland and the UK, NovaVita works in direct contact with Rosa Impex and Bulgarian Rose Karlovo to deliver premium solutions to us at home. Its skincare solutions help us to manage issues such as dryness and acne, as well as maintain supple skin and a healthy glow – leaving us feeling confident and beautiful. A prime example of this is the Lady’s Joy Luxury Face Care products which are as natural and organic as possible throughout the range. Lady Joy’s Luxury skin care helps us to combat the signs of ageing, skin issues, and lack of self-confidence. Its tonics, exfoliants, creams, and serums “provide a solution on how to preserve and regain the skin youth and beauty.” Lady Joy’s Luxury skin care also offers natural parfum to give us an extra boost of confidence and a sumptuous scent. NovaVita is also a supplier of the Mediskin DB for diabetics, which is a UREA-rich moisturiser tailor-made for those suffering with mild to severe redness, itching, and discomfort. Its small but mighty range includes foot cream, body balsam, and body spray, to address every area of the body. Aside from its skin care products, NovaVita also delivers hair products with pure dedication and commitment to helping others. For problem scalps, NovaVita has a diverse range of solutions that are backed by scientific research. The Spa Master Professional Trichological Therapy range consists of bio-botanical shampoos that deal with dry or oily hair, as well as hair loss and dandruff – making it the go-to treatment for people across the UK and Ireland. NovaVita presents us with a huge portfolio of shampoos and conditioners for dry, oily, and coloured hair, as well as hair dyes that simply make us feel fabulous. Protecting our skin from the sun with its creams, soothing our bodies and minds with its essential oils, and much more, NovaVita has a collection of products that are changing the way we see self-care. By supplying beauty care professionals and pharmacies with pioneering goods, NovaVita reaches a huge amount of individuals looking to pamper themselves – as well as manage and improve skin conditions that they may be suffering with. Also guaranteeing savings, NovaVita saves us money where we need it most – so that we can achieve our own personal beauty standards without breaking the bank. We are thrilled to award NovaVita with the title of Most Innovative Pharmacy Supplier of Quality Skin & Hair Products, The Republic of Ireland, and we are sure to see its range of products and customers grow well into the future. Contact: Niall Murphy Company: NovaVita Distribution Ireland Web Address: Most Innovative Pharmacy Supplier of Quality Skin & Hair Products - The Republic of Ireland