European Enterprise Awards 2022

38. Nov22398 SICGEN has a history of excellence in its chosen sphere of operations. Indeed, in the biotechnology and R&D markets, it has cultivated a reputation built around high-quality, pacesetting developments. Following its well-deserved recognition in the programme, we endeavoured to find out more. Founded in 2009, SICGEN has gone from strength to strength over the last decade. Using the latest that technology has to offer, the team has established itself as a leading producer of polyclonal antibodies and antibodyrelated products and services. The demand for the team’s products has seen them used in several Life Sciences research areas, expanding to include nearly 300 products. The primary use of antibodies has been in research, with the SICGEN team providing polyclonal antibodies for leading national and international institutions, including universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology distributors worldwide. The main markets are in North America, Europe and the Far East. From humble beginnings in Portugal, SICGEN has become worldrenowned for its efforts. The team’s antibodies come from an unlikely source, namely goats. Turning to this natural source has allowed the team to increase the amount produced per animal keeping production quality up and costs down. The use of cutting-edge technologies throughout the process such as recombinant proteins produced in laboratory for immunisation and affinity purification has gone a long way to making this dream happen. Needless to say, the team’s high-quality products have been used in numerous research projects, and the resultant scientific papers produced mentioning the team have gone a long way to advertise the business. This innovative streak has driven much of the team’s work, with SICGEN using R&D to explore new ideas and gaps in the market. The competitiveness of the industry means there is always the need to develop new antibodies and improve the ones that already exist. For many businesses in this sector, stagnation sets in swiftly, and stifles the development of those companies which do not innovate enough. There is, however, plenty of space that can be operated within. Numerous gaps in the market have yet to be filled, and it’s those who are always looking forward that will fill them. The antibody industry is one that has expanded significantly over the last decade, with SICGEN often at the forefront of that incredible wave of innovation. Many customers have found that working with smaller companies such as SICGEN means they can gain a more flexible source of antibodies and a more individualistic approach that meets their specific needs perfectly. As for the future, SICGEN’s Founder and CEO Jose Ramalho offered some insight on what the next 12 months should bring. “SICGEN plans to continue developing, producing and marketing some new antibodies in order to fill several antibody markets gaps. In addition, we will try to reach new customers in different markets by increasing our distributor channels and implementing our free sample programme.” SICGEN’s Excellence in the Industry Best Research & Development Company - Portugal SICGEN started producing and selling the first few antibodies during previous financial crisis. Crossing difficult times and fighting against large companies that dominant the market SICGEN has increased the number of antibodies produced to few hundred. With some of the antibodies produced already reaching nearly 100 references on the most prestigious scientific journals. LINK ( scholar?hl=pt-PT&assdt=0%2C5&q=sicg en+antibodies&btnG=&oq=sicgen+antibo dies). The company’s constant challenge is to continue developing, producing and supplying globally high-quality antibodies. Company: SICGEN Research and Development in Biotechnology Ltd Name: Jose Ramalho Email: [email protected] Web Address: