European Enterprise Awards 2022

40. Best Out-Of-Home Media Company - Cyprus AdBoard Media Ltd/IAAC is a Group of companies dedicated entirely to the out-of-home (OOH) media sector. It provides advertisers, advertising agencies, and optimizers with the means to reach their target audience through customized and innovative campaigns utilizing its unique media offerings. The out-of-home (OOH) market is flourishing and will continue to flourish in this post-pandemic world, where individuals seek new experiences and businesses strive to differentiate themselves through innovative solutions. In this thriving arena, AdBoard Media Ltd/IAAC was established to provide the ultimate media opportunities for advertising across Cyprus, the wider European region. In 2022 IAAC has set its foot in Asia. With a comprehensive offering of roadside advertising, sports stadiums, malls, cinemas, and airports, businesses can reach a formidable number of consumers and increase their reach and impact. The Group’s paramount advantage lies in its robust infrastructure and unwavering commitment to delivering the most cutting-edge, bespoke, and effective solutions to its clients. With a nimble skill set heavily invested in human capital, the company stays ahead of the fast-paced changes in the world. With favorable demographics and harmonized legislation, AdBoard/IAAC Media Group provides a wide range of locations for businesses to advertise, promoting the use of a single currency for increased financial stability. Despite the challenges faced by OOH companies during the global pandemic, AdBoard Media discovered new ways to promote its offerings once again. As the world reopens, it has seized the opportunity to regain its footing and capitalize on renewed interest in the space, enabling clients to reach audiences that may have been inaccessible during the pandemic. Having weathered the storms of recession and the pandemic, AdBoard Media has earned its well-deserved accolades and advertising awards through building strong, enduring relationships with its clients. For 2023 and beyond, the company seeks new ways to bring life to airports and its clients through innovative and intelligent outdoor advertising formats, providing clients with numerous options for sustainable and exceptional advertising across Europe. Contact: Michael Kyriakides Company: AdBoard Media Ltd/IAAC Web Address: / https:// Nov22320