European Enterprise Awards 2022

Jul22493 41. As an emerging company, KraLos GmBh is creating ground-breaking technological developments. Its innovative software is changing theway inwhich data can be protected.We find out more from Carston Klein, about his company’s successful cybersecurity systems. KraLos GmbH was founded in February 2022 by system engineers Carsten Klein and Christian Greiwe. As IT specialists, the two spent a lot of time together rethinking solutions of data security. One result of this creative process was the development of their ground-breaking Cybersecurity Software, ZELOS. The innovative software design is a unique way to protect data from varied digital platforms. With their software KraLos GmbH, have advanced data protection one step further by developing a hardware system that is exactly adapted to their developed software. One of their impressive forms of cybersecurity solutions is ZELOS in the Box (ZiB). ZiB is a radical, disruptive, game changer to protect data in webservices because its mechanism is fundamentally different from common systems. Co-Founder, Carsten Klein, explains, “Combining AI with an interactive hologram it’s possible to secure data of any webservices from any company with an online presence – regardless of if you are involved in Software, Telecommunications, Apparel, Government, Social-Media, etc. The GDPR in Europe and in the US require the most up to date security standards. Our solution will be the next generation of this data privacy regulation. The function of our invention is to prevent the tracking, theft, manipulation, or corruption of data and to block all online attacks including all phishing Attacks (with our AI-phishing Eliminator).” Features: Zero day, OWASP (Known attack techniques), Unknown attack techniques, Encrypted Config files, Protection against output of sensitive data, Unexpected output detection, Maintain data integrity, CAPTCHA-Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Phishing Eliminator, Protection through server-based rules, Rules-based protection, Easy to implement, Reliable protection (99,9%), Data integrity (GDPR), real-time recovery, i-Agent + Guardian, Novel encryption algorithm (combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption KraLos GmbH software and hardware solutions aim to be user-friendly, ZiB is a security concept for web applications. Its aim is to protect clients from specific cyberattacks, covering almost all known attacks as well as unknown. The aim is to stop a cyber attacker before they even start. KraLos GmbH are one of the first companies who were able to develop a software to secure web services. The software should be set as standard for the GDPR, as it is able to stop all tracking, reacting in seconds if any client under attack. Carsten continues, “Our encrypted system is a radical disruptive global technical change. It notifies you immediately of any unauthorized attack and will immediately restore the data back to the original if manipulated. This is revolutionary because current security administrators can take between 40 and 200 days to even realize a breach has occurred.” The hackproof system, ZiB is truly a breakthrough result of connecting developed software with exactly adapted hardware. It has the possibility to make ransomware and malware attacks, identity thefts, and many others a thing of the past. This young company is showing impressive movements in cybersecurity after winning Most Innovative Cyber Security Software Developers – Europe, 2022. KraLos GmbH is standing out for its impressive technological advancements, and we are sure to see it continue to flourishwell into the distant future. Contact: Carsten Klein Company: KraLos GmbH Web Address: Most Innovative Cyber Security Software Developers - Europe