European Enterprise Awards 2022

5. Best Commercial Property Maintenance & Construction Company - UK employees, which helps us deliver our drive for continuous improvement.” Thus, LCM Group has recently taken on several major blue chip clients, ranging from SpaMedica, to the NHS, to Touchstone, to The Arch Co, to Alliance Healthcare. No job is too small or too large for LCM Group, with its one-stop shop service offering. Alexander goes on to say, “There is a trend we are noticing in that many large organisations are reducing the number of contractors they deal with in an effort to simplify and deliver higher quality at a reduced cost. Our business has grown by virtue of this approach. In many cases, LCM is the go-to contractor as the client has full confidence in our quality, value, and integrity.” Crucially, in everything it does, LCM remains dedicated to health and safety, ensuring that its teams are fully trained to keep themselves and others safe while onsite. He explains, “Working in increasingly complex environments, training our people in safety is really important, as well as ensuring the clients’ environments that we’re working on are safe. It’s very important that our people go home safe.” He elaborates, “If there are any instances of our people not following the correct procedure, we’re very strict on that. They will undergo retaining, or unless it’s particularly serious, in which case, obviously we would have to take it further. We have a zerotolerance for health and safety.” Ultimately, it’s easy to see how LCM Group has come to achieve such success within the European Enterprise Awards 2022 with it truly having a unique edge on its competitors. This all comes down to its large multidisciplinary inhouse team providing a vast range of trades and services – an offering which is perhaps one of the most extensive in the UK; their broad experience of working in practically every sector there is, including healthcare, nuclear, rail, residential, industrial, manufacturing, retail, education, charity, and science; as well as the company’s best-in-class CRM system providing clients with real-time graphical and written information with a full audit trail of all work undertaken. Now the LCM team of looking towards the bright future ahead of them, where they will continue striving to deliver first-class services nationwide and across multiple trades and disciplines with a great deal of organisation. With the company now in its third year of its five-year growth plan, it plans to invest heavily across every aspect of its operations in order to meet the forecast demand. We are undeniably rooting for its continued success. Company: LCM Group Contact: Alexander Livesey Email: [email protected] Website: