European Enterprise Awards 2022

Jul22546 6. ith excellent expertise, quality, and personable services, Rabb IT Solutions works hard to implement the best outcomes for companies in need. Founded in 2005, Rabb IT Solutions are a team of specialists who aim to develop innovative managed services to medium sized companies across Europe to help build an efficient IT-infrastructure. Initially selling computer hardware and software, the company advanced to become one of the most successful providers of managed IT services. Rabb IT Solutions’ core values are centred around competency, reliability, and approachability, so that it can build strong relationships with its many customers. These qualities are very crux of the business as it continues to grow and, no matter how large Rabb IT Solutions becomes, it stays true to its word. With its User Help Desk (UHD), Rabb IT Solutions ensures there is an ITIL certified, single point of contact for each of its customers. Its UHD supports customers and makes their lives easier, resulting in seamless and effective communication. Available on a 24/7/365 basis, Rabb IT Solutions not only guarantees full support, but it gives customers peace of mind no matter what time or day it is. Its other services include bespoke programs and networking for companies, wireless LAN, and site-site, home, and mobile VPN. Rabb IT Solutions also introduces its merchandise management systems, analysis tools, project software, simulation software, graphics, and publishing. Every process is carried out with the highest level of professionalism, flexibility, and thoughtful planning, so that its customers can be sure they’re in good hands. Its CEO, Rehan Khan, explains the importance of Rabb IT Solutions’ services, “The Covid-19 pandemic in particular has shown how decentralized companies now have to work and communicate with their employees and business partners. Of course, this has resulted in many new business areas in the field of cyber security. Hardly a day goes by where hacking is reported.” Not only does Rabb IT Solutions work hard to protect its clients, but it also supports our environment. This firm’s main building is clad with a photovoltaic system, to generate electricity, and it utilises many methods of energy saving measures to extend life cycles. In addition, it improves recycling and waste management. Its software is available when a customer needs it, and they only consume what they need – saving resources and, ultimately, money. Best Independent FullService IT Solutions Provider – Western Germany Emphasis on customer satisfaction has the power to help B2B businesses grow respectfully in their field. Rabb IT Solutions has shown to be a trustworthy service provider to businesses within Europe. Here we talk to its CEO, Rehan Khan, about its tremendous success as his company wins an impressive title in the European Enterprise Awards 2022. W Contact: Rehan Khan Company: Rabb IT Solutions Gmbh Web Address: Nov22291