European Travel Awards 2022

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 , A trusted gateway into Italy and other Mediterranean countries, DiVita works on a ‘feel the place’ philosophy that allows its clients to immerse themselves in the country, culture, and atmosphere of the region they have chosen to holiday in. From its yachting trips to its luxury villas, the packages it designs have become well-known for being utterly scrupulous, selecting locations and experiences that a client will absolutely adore and taking the stress of holiday planning off their shoulders in the process. DiVita is a bespoke and alluring travel experience by Italian travel artisans. Nominally, it sees its duty of care towards its clients as being intrinsically tied to its duty of excellence, and therefore it dedicates itself to executing both in equal measure as it invests countless hours into the development of exclusive, unforgettable moments. It invests time and effort into meeting each of the demands of its travellers, no matter how specific these may be, ensuring the highest levels of excellence and efficiency prevail. Moreover, the authentic, comprehensive, and well-curated nature of the voyages it designs have endeared it to a variety of different people in the luxury travel market, making a name for itself with excursions like no other across Italy and all manner of other Mediterranean countries. It takes great pride in being the key provider of handpicked experiences for its travellers. Therefore, the private villas, urban havens, and impeccably situated getaways will always be tailored to fit a client, as like people themselves, no two of its holidays will ever be the same. As a DMC and tour operator, the trust that its clients have in it has been developed over time by it working to the best of its abilities to fulfil all needs and desires, with short breaks, iconic tours, classic tours, eco-sustainable journeys, private villa stays, gastronomic experiences, and yacht trips all available for clients to enjoy. Crafting each itinerary with all the artistry and dedication to design that any artisan Jun22392 does, its staff operate out of its head office in Florence to ensure every element of them is perfect. Fundamentally, this team – each person within it boasting an incredible amount of experience in the industry – allow it links to on-the-ground suppliers and the ability to keep a close eye on the international travel market, ensuring that each package it offers is exactly able to fill a niche. Driven by passion and inspired by culture, its travel artisans are each committed and thorough when it comes to client service, never settling for second best and always committing themselves to providing the greatest experiences. Indeed, the level of enjoyment that every client gets out of a DiVita holiday speaks to how much this passion and empathy can achieve when it is well directed, and the only direction DiVita as a company is interested in is forward. Therefore, driving forward momentum in its company, wider industry, and market, it looks forward to showing more clients its intrinsic excellence as it continues to grow. With a handpicked and well-designed client profile that it develops for each of those it takes on its voyages, it gathers information on what they want down to the most minute detail, paying attention to ensure that even the smallest requirement is met without scruples and to the best of its abilities. This allows its staff to stretch the depth and breadth of their pools of knowledge. Raring to go and invigorated by the challenge of managing special needs and requests, each of its staff members personally ensure that a holiday goes off without a hitch, personally filling itineraries and balancing trip plans so that every new hour brings something great. Thusly, it thinks of itself as a true ambassador to its region. The enthusiasm and deep level of commitment it brings to its work is hard to find anywhere else, and its clients can appreciate the world of impeccable holiday planning that this gives them direct access to, from places to stay all the way down to various activities and landmark visits. Critically, the services it can offer are as wide and variant as its mission statement might suggest. When one thinks of tailormade holidays, perhaps it is easy to think of spending vast amounts of time and energy on crafting the thing, making vast amount of logistical decisions that can sometimes be incredibly stressful and suck all the fun out of a holiday before it’s even started. This is the first time its clients get to see its excellence shine, and with its help, it can alleviate all stress that a client may be feeling about holiday planning and just allow them to enjoy the result. It does this, in essence, by ensuring that it and its staff become close friends with its clients over the course of its team in service to them. With responsive staff that are always happy to assuage any fears, giving great advice, empathic commentary, and clear question responses that grant a client the most unshakable peace of mind in choosing and preparing for their voyage. Its quotes, additionally, are always fair and true, with clients enjoying the transparency of cost that it incorporates into its Best Boutique Mediterranean DMC & Tour Operator 2022