European Travel Awards 2022

European Travel Awards 2022

2 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 Contents , Welcome to the European Travel Awards 2022 Currently in its first year, we at EU Business News are thrilled to host the European Travel Awards 2022! Focusing on those at the forefront of the travel, tourism, and leisure industry, we seek to shine a light on those who have shown true excellence in commitment, determination, and customer service more than ever over the past 12 months across Europe. After an uneasy couple of years in the industry during and in the wake of the global pandemic, the travel industry is improving day by day. Statistics from Eurostat show that last year, the number of nights spent at EU tourist accommodations totalled 1.8 billion, which was a 27% increase compared with 2020. With the easing of travel restrictions, this increase is set to rise in 2022 as tourists plan their next European Getaway and we at EU Business News aim to shine a light on those who accommodate tourists, those who make the travelling process run smoothly, and those who create an enjoyable experience for tourists of Europe from across the globe. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 3 Editor’s Note , Contents: 4. Eco Green Residences & Suites: Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Accommodations – Greece 6. AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH: Best Bus & Event Logistics Company – Hamburg 8. DiVita DMC: Best Boutique Mediterranean DMC & Tour Operator 2022 10. Best Motorhome & Camping Navigation App 2022: Flygge 11. BarbarHouse srl : Best Holiday Home Rental Agency 2022 - Italy 12. Higher Pentreath Campsite: Most Welcoming Campsite – South West England 13. Bunk Hotel Amsterdam: Best Contemporary Travellers' Accommodation – Amsterdam 14. Deutsche Telekom AG: Best Conference & Events Venue 2022 – Berlin 15. The Intrepid Guide: Travel Creator of the Year - UK

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 , A new green living experience based in Halkidiki, mainland Greece, Eco Green Residences & Suites is built upon the ethos of luxury eco living and combines its friendliness towards the environment with high-quality services to offer the most memorable vacations. We find out more fromDimitris Kyriakides in the wake of the residence being recognised in the European Travel Awards 2022. Situated in the unspoilt fishing village of Toroni, Halkidiki, Eco Green Residences & Suites (Eco Green) is a family-run eco-hotel offering the ultimate in luxury accommodation nestled amongst the award-winning crystalclear waters, sandy beaches, and lush vegetation that the region has to offer. As the second establishment of its kind, the first being opened in 2015, Eco Green’s core values are clear: to provide top-quality accommodation services along with reduced energy consumption and a reduced CO2 footprint - ideas that are still relatively new in the majority of older accommodation establishments. “The idea came in 2014 among family accommodation owners who, working in the renewable energy and building sector and knowing and caring for the area, decided to enter the hospitality sector,” explains Dimitris Kyriakides, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Global Energy Solutions. “Sustainability is our strong point as we respect nature and offer even more qualitative facilities. A viable energy environment, combined with luxury, brings us closer to our goal. Our goal is to offer the opportunity for breakthrough vacations that will inevitably become nostalgic memories.” Eco Green Residences & Suites has been constructed by GLOBAL-ENERGY Solutions Ltd based on the design of Architects Office Taka & Partners. Open during the summer season from May to October, Eco Green was envisioned as a new accommodation type to fill the gap in between aparthotel and guesthouse. It aims to differentiate itself from the competition by Jun22033 establishing personal relationship with all of its guests, making them feel comfortable and as if they were at home. As well as ensuring that all of its guests experience the highest levels of satisfaction, the team is also committed to caring for the environment and reducing the use of energy and natural resources. “Our apartments and suites are equipped with the most advanced technology in energy saving applications for a comfortable and pleasant stay,” Dimitris continues. “Among other practices, we encourage recycling and wash-on-demand in our establishment, we self-produce the energy we spend with the use of solar photovoltaic energy, the building has very good wall and roof insulation and top-quality energy doors for minimising the requirement of thermal energy, we reuse waste water which is biologically treated and used for watering green, we produce hot water with the use of solar energy, as well we run building automations for reducing energy and water use.” Following the destruction that the Covid-19 pandemic left in its wake, which brought the hospitality and tourism industry to its knees, the sector is currently looking to rebuild and Dimitris understands that guests are looking for places where they can feel safe, as well as experience the local traditions of eating, having fun, exercising, relaxing, joining in with festivals, and exploring the surrounding area and its sights. To this end, Toroni is an ideal location. As well as being among the few areas of Halkidiki with the least nature intervention, unlike the larger, mass tourism destinations, it boasts a long and accessible beach with clean water and fresh fish all year round, as well as being the origin of tasty local products, such as honey, olives and oil, goat cheese, wine and tsipouro plus it is home to friendly and welcoming residents. “Toroni has been developing into a desired to visit destination for the summer holidays” he elaborates. “It has a beautiful landscape with pine trees forest hills that are meeting the clear white sand in the seashore and the crystal blue water. Low height buildings and sparsely populated place highlights the natural environment desired by most people going for holidays.” And the area could not be more perfect for travellers, businesspeople and holidaymakers Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Accommodations – Greece

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 5 alike, whether there for work or pleasure you are bound to find perfection at every turn. From swimming in the warm crystal waters in blue flag locations and sunbathing on the white sandy beach (renowned for its incredible sunsets), to trekking from Lecythus Castle to the Cannons with the magnificent view of Toronaios gulf and/or to Vigla (ancient Acropolis of Toroni)… there is something for everyone, no matter what age or physical ability. Traditional taverns offering local cuisine line the Toroni waterfront, and fresh seafood delis with fine wine or local tsipouro (spirit appetiser) are just waiting to be discovered, whilst local markets, shops and kiosks are filled with wares such as honey and olive oils, clothing, and souvenirs, for the discerning shopper. It’s clear to see, however, that employee satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction, Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Accommodations – Greece is high up on the priority list at Eco Green, with the company aiming to provide a happy place to work for all of its staff members. This is achieved, Dimitris explains, by holding regular daily meetings to discuss any problems that might arise, including how to solve them quickly and efficiently. “We always discuss among each other any comments or improvements that our guests acknowledge to us,” he states. “We also provide regular trainings regarding the quality of services we desire to offer too, the practices we have agreed to apply for the reduction of our energy and CO2 footprint, and our management of complaints, to ensure that we can continue to give the best possible service we can to our guests and the planet.” Dimitris lets us in on his ambitious plans for the future which include further company growth. “This year we are to extend the summer season beyond August-September when it is best to be on holiday with fewer people,” he enthuses. “Apart from that we plan to expand our business by developing a new aparthotel in the region and looking for synergies.” Recently, the company was recognised in the European Travel Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Accommodation in Greece. This accolade is testament to the dedication and commitment of Dimitris and the entire team at Eco Green, who work tirelessly to ensure that its guests, and the environment, benefit from the best possible services. Contact: Dimitris Kyriakides Company: Eco Green Residences & Suites Web Address:

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 , From the bus coordination, limousine service, and passenger transport to the transport of employees, AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH specialises in the requirements of business customers across the globe. We find out more about the firm, its unique journey, and its long family history from CEO, Heike Januzi-Schlatermund, in the wake of the company being recognised in the European Travel Awards 2022. AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH (AGT) is an international service provider in the field of passenger transportation and event logistics. Consisting of a 70-strong team of professionals and experts in bus mobility, AGT’s focus is predominantly within the business-to-business sector where the firm implements individual mobility concepts for companies that want to equip their events with shuttles. In addition to business customers, the company also provides buses and shuttles to schools, day care centres and nurseries, and clubs. With more than 1,500 bus partners in Germany and Europe, the company has a large fleet of vehicles in most regions and can cater to all eventualities, regardless of the size or duration of an event. Although the current company was only formed in 2004, the business itself has a long history dating back almost 100 years which has been shaped and written by four generations of the same family. It was in 1929 that Bruno Thies established the original company and was able to transport more than 200 people, first with taxis and then with the self-made two “flying silver arrows.” The first bus tourism company in northern Germany was born and soon developed into the largest employer in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. Bruno and the company experienced difficult times during World War II with the associated requisitioning of his vehicles however this did not prevent him from rebuilding the company after the end of the war. Buses with passenger trailers were extremely popular and the company's wide range of products served people's reawakened desire to travel Jul22440 in the best possible way. Butter trips, day and multi-day trips throughout Germany and long-distance trips to Italy, France and Spain rounded off the programme. In just a short time, one of the largest bus tourism companies in northern Germany was established with a fleet of more than 30 buses and many employees to boot. In 1981, Rainbow Tours was born. Blessed with his grandfather’s wealth of innovative ideas, André Schlatermund, himself only in his early twenties, had the brilliant idea of winning over and inspiring young people for bus tourism. Together with two friends, he invented short trips taking visitors overnight to major cities in Europe, where they were free to explore the city during the day and return home in the evening, and all this for an unbeatably low price! Rainbow Tours quickly became the seventh largest tour operator in Germany and the market leader for youth and city trips, as well as summer camps. Round trips, ski trips, entertainment trips, and even long-distance trips were also part of André’s unique offer. When Bruno died in 1982 his daughter, Waltraut Schlatermund-Thies, took over the business and successfully continued it as a trained tourism expert, selling it only due to her retirement in 2003 following 20 years of successful operation. And in 2004, André set up AGT Busvermietung & Touristik GmbH and a new chapter in the history begins with bus trips and passenger transport of all kinds, as well as a wide range of event management services. Right at the beginning of AGT, Best Bus & Event Logistics Company – Hamburg

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 7 Bruno Thies' son – Hilmar Thies – joined the company as sales manager and authorised signatory and continuously expanded the company together with André. Over the subsequent years, the dynamic duo built a range of city tours into the portfolio and add a tourism company to the group of companies. Today, it is André’s daughter, Heike Januzi-Schlatermund, who reigns as the Chief Executive Officer of all subsidiaries of the group, which now includes: AGT Busvermietung & Touristik GmbH into AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH, Hamburg Citytours (HCT), Busguru, Sightseeing Kontor (SK), Grindelberg travel agency, and a real estate company. Heike tells us a little more about the firm and what it is that differentiates it from its competitors. “AGT stands out due to its unique selling proposition, which provides an all-round service,” she explains. “Accordingly, the customer is not only offered a simple transfer, but much more a whole concept, which is based on all individual needs and wishes of the customer.” There are various additional services that customers can add-on to their booking, such as a host service, the organisation of hotel accommodations, bus branding, on-site coordination, as well as catering on the trip and at an event. The fleet at AGT includes an impressive range of different vehicles, such as sedans, vans and minibuses for small groups up to 18 passengers. Midi and long-distance buses (including XL versions) and double-deckers are offered for larger groups of 30-89 passengers. In addition, the fleet includes rarities such as a vintage bus, a tour bus, an American school bus and even an armoured limousine. “On top of this, the company’s bus fleet has also been expanded to include sustainable vehicles such as hybrid buses and electric buses,” Heike continues. “Private jets have also been offered since the beginning of 2022 and the customer thus has the option of booking a flight including airport transfers, with the armoured limousine if desired, all from a single source.” In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, AGT was quick to protect the lives and safety of its dedicated and loyal customers, adding work transport and employee shuttles to its service portfolio as a safe transport option for companies. “Demand grew so quickly that within a short time the company was transporting some 10,000 people a day to remote locations,” Heike elaborates. “At the same time, we also supplied a large number of bus partners with orders and protected them from the negative effects caused by the lockdown.” The biggest goal of AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik was, on the one hand, to ensure the company's safety for its employees during the pandemic, because employees are the most important resource for any company. On the other hand, it was to save long-standing bus partners from insolvency. “For the company it was of great importance not only to protect itself, but also to support the industry as best as possible, because tourism has been hit hard,” Heike enthuses. Recently, the firm was recognised in the European Travel Awards 2022 for its diligence and commitment to its employees and clients during the Coronavirus pandemic and rewarded for its hard work by being bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Bus & Event Logistics Company in Hamburg. This accolade is testament to the hard work of Heike, the firm and its staff members, but the achievements don’t stop there. In 2021, AGT seized the opportunity and underwent restructuring that put the company on an equal footing in both the private and commercial sectors. Now, what started as a family business all those years ago, has finally firmly established itself in the tourism sector and it is fair to say that the future for the company, post pandemic, is looking very bright indeed! Contact: Heike Januzi-Schlatermund Company: AGT Bus- & Eventlogistik GmbH Web Address: Best Bus & Event Logistics Company – Hamburg

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 , A trusted gateway into Italy and other Mediterranean countries, DiVita works on a ‘feel the place’ philosophy that allows its clients to immerse themselves in the country, culture, and atmosphere of the region they have chosen to holiday in. From its yachting trips to its luxury villas, the packages it designs have become well-known for being utterly scrupulous, selecting locations and experiences that a client will absolutely adore and taking the stress of holiday planning off their shoulders in the process. DiVita is a bespoke and alluring travel experience by Italian travel artisans. Nominally, it sees its duty of care towards its clients as being intrinsically tied to its duty of excellence, and therefore it dedicates itself to executing both in equal measure as it invests countless hours into the development of exclusive, unforgettable moments. It invests time and effort into meeting each of the demands of its travellers, no matter how specific these may be, ensuring the highest levels of excellence and efficiency prevail. Moreover, the authentic, comprehensive, and well-curated nature of the voyages it designs have endeared it to a variety of different people in the luxury travel market, making a name for itself with excursions like no other across Italy and all manner of other Mediterranean countries. It takes great pride in being the key provider of handpicked experiences for its travellers. Therefore, the private villas, urban havens, and impeccably situated getaways will always be tailored to fit a client, as like people themselves, no two of its holidays will ever be the same. As a DMC and tour operator, the trust that its clients have in it has been developed over time by it working to the best of its abilities to fulfil all needs and desires, with short breaks, iconic tours, classic tours, eco-sustainable journeys, private villa stays, gastronomic experiences, and yacht trips all available for clients to enjoy. Crafting each itinerary with all the artistry and dedication to design that any artisan Jun22392 does, its staff operate out of its head office in Florence to ensure every element of them is perfect. Fundamentally, this team – each person within it boasting an incredible amount of experience in the industry – allow it links to on-the-ground suppliers and the ability to keep a close eye on the international travel market, ensuring that each package it offers is exactly able to fill a niche. Driven by passion and inspired by culture, its travel artisans are each committed and thorough when it comes to client service, never settling for second best and always committing themselves to providing the greatest experiences. Indeed, the level of enjoyment that every client gets out of a DiVita holiday speaks to how much this passion and empathy can achieve when it is well directed, and the only direction DiVita as a company is interested in is forward. Therefore, driving forward momentum in its company, wider industry, and market, it looks forward to showing more clients its intrinsic excellence as it continues to grow. With a handpicked and well-designed client profile that it develops for each of those it takes on its voyages, it gathers information on what they want down to the most minute detail, paying attention to ensure that even the smallest requirement is met without scruples and to the best of its abilities. This allows its staff to stretch the depth and breadth of their pools of knowledge. Raring to go and invigorated by the challenge of managing special needs and requests, each of its staff members personally ensure that a holiday goes off without a hitch, personally filling itineraries and balancing trip plans so that every new hour brings something great. Thusly, it thinks of itself as a true ambassador to its region. The enthusiasm and deep level of commitment it brings to its work is hard to find anywhere else, and its clients can appreciate the world of impeccable holiday planning that this gives them direct access to, from places to stay all the way down to various activities and landmark visits. Critically, the services it can offer are as wide and variant as its mission statement might suggest. When one thinks of tailormade holidays, perhaps it is easy to think of spending vast amounts of time and energy on crafting the thing, making vast amount of logistical decisions that can sometimes be incredibly stressful and suck all the fun out of a holiday before it’s even started. This is the first time its clients get to see its excellence shine, and with its help, it can alleviate all stress that a client may be feeling about holiday planning and just allow them to enjoy the result. It does this, in essence, by ensuring that it and its staff become close friends with its clients over the course of its team in service to them. With responsive staff that are always happy to assuage any fears, giving great advice, empathic commentary, and clear question responses that grant a client the most unshakable peace of mind in choosing and preparing for their voyage. Its quotes, additionally, are always fair and true, with clients enjoying the transparency of cost that it incorporates into its Best Boutique Mediterranean DMC & Tour Operator 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 9 interactions with them, able to define each detail and each cost, supporting its clients in feeling like they know exactly what their money is going towards, and what they will get out of it. The direct client relations this results in has had the effect of endearing it to each of its customers. After travelling with DiVita, preparing a perfect getaway and allowing a client to take the load off of their shoulders from the very first interaction all the way through to touching down back in their home country after a great excursion, its clients often find that once they have experienced one DiVita holiday, they see no reason to go back to doing it themselves, instead happy to trust the experts and enjoy a stress-free and brilliantly handled holistic experience. Company: DiVita DMC Via Maragliano 99 Firenze 50144 Firenze Italy Tel +39 055 239 81 94 Contact: Niccolo Mazzi CEO Email: [email protected] Simona Mari MD [email protected] Website: Best Boutique Mediterranean DMC & Tour Operator 2022

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 , Jul22147 Best Motorhome & Camping Navigation App 2022: Flygge Holidaying bymotorhome has taken the world by storm, but this unique formof travel brings not only fresh freedoms but practical limitations. To navigate the complex world that comes with your own travelling home, the teamat Flygge have developed a solution that accounts for those bridges which are too low and those tunnels which are too long. Having earned success in EU Business News’ European Travel Awards 2022, we took a closer look to find out more. After time stuck at home, unable to leave except for essential purposes, it’s little wonder that motorhomes and RVs have experienced something of a renaissance. Instead of being stuck in hotels or limited to a specific area, the open road is yours to explore – except it’s not. You suddenly realise that there are challenges you hadn’t considered. Low bridges, tight curves, tunnels just a little too long for comfort. Each RV and motorhome is unique and brings unique challenges. Fortunately, the team at Flygge have seen the challenges and have created the ideal solution. The navigation of a motorhome needs a different approach to normal GPS systems or maps. The system developed by Flygge has been carefully designed to take into account the individual dimensions of an RV, removing any fears that the road might be too small or narrow or tunnels might go too deep. Instead, drivers can take advantage of familiar features such as live traffic, 3D navigation or turnby-turn route guidance. This technology, based on map material from HereMaps, is designed specifically to make life as easy as possible for those who have never driven a motorhome or RV before. For a subscription of just €11.99 a year, motorhome visitors can access a unique and incredible store of knowledge. The origins of the Flygge app come from the Stuttgart-based startup of the same name. Both founders are experienced caravanists and brought this expertise to the table throughout the development process. Whilst guided routing is the beating heart of what is currently being offered by the team, they are already beginning to explore new options which will support their clients to enjoy their holidays even more. These options will include sustainable routings and guidance as well as the ability to directly book at campsites with the minimum of fuss. In an increasingly connected world, the ability to use one app for all of your motorhome needs makes an enormous difference. Since opening their doors, the incredible degree of trust which many have placed in Flygee has permitted them to thrive. Those travelling in motorhomes know that if they need a different perspective, they can rely on Flygge to deliver every time. As time goes on, this incredible app seems set to become the definitive platform for motorhome and RV travellers internationally. As such, the development of even more additions to the team’s portfolio of products is one that will only secure the team’s position. Looking ahead, the Flygge team are hoping to provide an easy-to-use unit specifically for better integration in all of the vehicles that their clients might use. This unit will also act as the basis for any additional services that might be added as time goes on. With the market booming for motorhomes, the decision to focus efforts on serving these customers seems obvious. Shifting times demand new and exciting solutions. We celebrate the ingenuity and determination of the team and cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: Flygge Name: Sebastian Grimm Email: [email protected] Web Address:

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 11 , Jul22134 Best Holiday Home Rental Agency 2022 - Italy It was youngminds that brought Barbarhouse srl into startling reality, growing into the tourist operator in Puglia of choice for those wanting to rent holiday homes and villas. The team’s tireless efforts have not only allowed their clients to live out their dreams, but have brought them success in EU Business News’ European Travel Awards 2022. We dig a little deeper to uncover more about this intrepid addition to Italy’s holiday scene. In 2007, Barbarhouse was founded. Their story has been a long and complex one, and it is one which continues to this day. At its heart, however, is a determination to offer customers the very best that the region has to offer, with over 1000 properties of the highest calibre to meet the varied needs of all who rely on this talented team. Barbarhouse is a network of different real estate agencies, each committed to organising holiday homes and accommodation that suit the specific requirements of their clients. Every service is tailor-made to ensure the ultimate in satisfaction. The team’s focus has been on the region of Perle di Puglia, specialising in the renting of luxury villas, holiday homes and small accommodation facilities such as bed and breakfast, residences and small hotels. By combining the skills of local players, the business has been able to offer truly unique advice to clients. Beyond finding a solution which fits their clients, the team at Barbarhouse offer a comprehensive service which serves property owners equally well too. The team guarantee the owners maximum visibility, dealing with the complex issues of tax, legal and accounting management. The mission for Barbarhouse, since its inception, has been generating the greatest satisfaction for all stakeholders, owners, tourists and the entire team. The growth of Barbarhouse has matched increasing awareness of what the Perle di Puglia has to offer. People have become more aware that a good holiday is not simply the hotel or villa, but the experience that can be had as a whole. This has guided many of the decisions of the Barbarhouse team, encouraging them to find ways of creating a visit that will always be remembered by customers. Trulli, farms and typical houses are the focus of the firm’s catalogue, with a range of travel guides, experiential itineraries and related services in order to ensure total satisfaction. Looking ahead, the Barbarhouse team seem set to broaden their horizons even further, focusing in on the needs of the Apulian territory. This will see the team increase the number of properties and services connected to the various covered locations. This is just the beginning, however, and the team are already developing plans that will provide a solution to markets outside Puglia. Barbarhouse is already well on track to becoming a point of reference for holiday success at a national level. The team are also looking to invest in new technology that can support the growth of the business. There is already an internal software development team which is very large and has gained great expertise in the field, focusing on technology that helps with the user experience. People remain at the centre of every decision made by the Barbarhouse team. What does it mean to travel nowadays? For the Barbarhouse team, what it means having the choice of where you go, and having the ability to chose a location that suits every single one of your needs. Their success in the industry is to be celebrated, now and long into the future as they progress to new and greater heights. Company: BarbarHouse srl Name: Sabina Giese Email: [email protected]

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 , Most Welcoming Campsite – South West England Higher Pentreath Campsite has offered Cornwall camping near the beach since it first opened in the 1950s. As a family-run campsite it has recently become a limited company, with the next generation taking over the reins. We find out more fromOwner, Clare Coffey, in the wake of the site being recognised in the European Travel Awards 2022. Just a short walk from Praa Sands, a popular surfing beach in Cornwall, Higher Pentreath campsite is well placed for exploring Helston, the Lizard Peninsula, Porthleven, Marazion,(home of St Michaels Mount), Penzance and even the wider area. With a firm focus on finding fun in the simplest moments, daily paddles in the sea, kids playing out from dawn until dusk, chatting with other campers, star gazing in the evenings and having such a good time that you lose track of what day it is can all be expected from a stay at Higher Pentreath. “We are rustic, proud of our heritage, and we have camping in our blood,” explains Owner, Clare Coffey. “A fond memory of Higher Pentreath is when a television was moved outside to the garden to ensure our campers could watch the 1966 World Cup final, to see England win! We have many treasured memories like this and look forward to making many more.” Priding itself on getting back to basics, the site has a small number of electric hook-ups and the rest of the pitches are non-electric. Onsite there is a small laundry room supplying the basics to comfortably get by, with a washing machine, tumble dryer, a freezer for ice packs, and sinks for washing up. There is a toilet/ shower block plus an outside shower area for washing off sand. But that’s not all, as well as a back-to-basics ethos, the site also encourages ‘foraging’ and offers budding chefs the chance to pick and use their own fresh herbs. There’s QR code trails for visitors to follow and enjoy, with songs and events included to provoke long-forgotten memories of camping trips experienced during childhood. “We want our campers to experience the camping trips us adults had as kids,” Clare enthuses. “Our core values and aims are for Jul22057 everyone to experience a beachside camping holiday where you talked to your neighbours, children play with fellow children, and for a brief time you feel carefree. I think sometimes in our now busy and fast paced world, we forget how much joy you get from the simpler things.” It's tricky to understand the current camping trends due to the curveball that was experienced with the Covid-19 pandemic, which effectively saw the entire travel and tourism industry brought to its knees. It not only meant that Clare and the team saw a different type of camper staying with them, but also a lot of first-time campers or campers that had previously only been camping as children. “I think camping as a whole has been slowly making a massive comeback (even previous to Covid),” Clare states. “With new and improved equipment and the new outlook that a lot of people developed due to the pandemic, of realising that you don't need a lot of things or lots of money to create memories with loved ones which includes holidays or time spent together.” Recently, the campsite was rewarded for its hard work and dedication with recognition in the European Travel Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Most Welcoming Campsite – South West England. “We don't try and be complete experts in all areas of camping but we can certainly point our campers in the right direction if needs be. But we know the area and can recommend many places or adventures on our doorstep and love to recommend local businesses and eateries in the area, to try as well. We like to think we are a massive advocate for great local businesses.” Regarding the future, Higher Pentreath is looking to continue to make small improvements to the site, entice more new campers to experience what we have to offer and start to look at where else we can expand our ideas, whilst keeping true to our ethos. Watch this space. Contact: Clare Coffey Web Address:

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 13 , Best Contemporary Travellers' Accommodation – Amsterdam Based in The Netherlands, BUNK bridges the gap between hotels and hostels by combining affordable luxury rooms and smartly designed private pods. We profile the firm in the wake of it receiving a 2022 European Travel Award. Two monumental churches, lovingly converted into a temporary home, are open to travelers, locals, and artists alike. With 200 rooms between them, the renovated historical churches are situated in Utrecht and Amsterdam and offer a place where those who wander will start to wonder, triggered by true art, social events, honest food, and sincere smiles. At BUNK, comfort and design are available to everyone, without the need for deep pockets. Where each visitor can feel free to be themselves and play their part in stories to be carried with them forever. Whether you book the biggest room or just a single-but-still-large private pod, you’ll always get the full BUNK treatment. Luxury bathrooms, supersized beds, and fluffy towels are included. So are helpful hosts, 24/7 security and free, furiously fast wireless internet, with power outlets and USB sockets tucked almost everywhere – all from a starting price of just €24 a night. While the rooms differ in size, privacy, and budget, every interior design element embraces each church’s original architecture and quirks that enhance spaces with high ceilings, ancient organs, open terraces, a dash of history, sweeping canal views, and airy lofts. You can get comfy on the quality beds made up with crisp sheets and set the mood with the ambient lighting system. You’ll have your own ensuite bathroom stocked with organic shampoo, body wash and a hairdryer, where you can refresh underneath a water-saving, high pressure rain shower. Check yourself in Jun22423 using our easy automated check-in system, store your personal belongings in a secret safe, and manage your room temperature with a remote that does more than just control the LED TV. BUNK also loves to bring people together by hosting inclusive social events, which are always free, in their sustainable restaurants and other communal spaces. BUNK is also the home of UNTOLD, a non-profit recording and broadcasting studio which artist, poets, musicians, and other creative professionals can use for free. It even has an artist-inresidence program in which artists can apply for a free stay. Recently, BUNK was recognised in the European Travel Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Contemporary Travellers' Accommodation for its Amsterdam location, and it’s easy to see why. Situated just minutes by free ferry from Central Station lies Amsterdam North – a neighbourhood which is alive and kicking, bursting with cultural hotspots and authentic urban life. Here, the Saint Rita church has always been a place where the North comes together. Now, it’s also where you’ll find BUNK Amsterdam. This monumental building is now home to 296 guests, 106 rooms, 50 private pods, eight communal dinner tables and one teddy bear! But that’s not all, BUNK Amsterdam has a secret vault plus it brews its own beer, vodka, jenever, and gin! What’s not to love? Regarding the future, the aim of BUNK is clear – to redefine hospitality by creating places for communal wonderment, and it might very well have succeeded! Contact Details Company: Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Web Address:

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 , Best Conference & Events Venue 2022 – Berlin TelekomHauptstadtreprasentanz is a building which connects the world of interactive media with the immediate reality of futuristic technology, uniquely linking the past with the future into a unified whole. Its historic façade has been extended with a new glass construction that gives visitors an unrestricted view of its brightly-lit atriumwith the effect being to create a stylish, modern atmosphere. Housing the Deutsche Telekom company, we find out more about this incredible space in the wake of it being recognised in the European Travel Awards 2022. As one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, Deutsche Telekom has some 248 million mobile customers, 26 million fixed-network lines, and 22 million broadband lines. Currently, it is undergoing a process of evolution from a classic telephone company into a service company of a completely new type: a software company that sells telecommunications services. The rationale behind this move is because only a telecommunication company that is truly digitalised in all areas can continue along the successful path of the past years. “With our presence in Europe and the USA, we are ideally positioned for this,” explains Werner Bierwirth, Senior Expert at Deutsche Telekom. “We want to become the leading digital telco and we believe in the compatibility of economic, social, and ecological aspects and are committed to acting responsibly along our entire value chain.” Jul22251 With its city centre location, the Berlin Representative Office of Deutsche Telekom offers the venue for events of all types too. Whether it’s a congress, an anniversary celebration or a gala dinner, the range of facilities available in the building provide a wealth of opportunity, with various sized spaces to give the right atmosphere for an event, and lots of options for seating patterns and staging designs, means the venue has that extra level of flexibility. The building has an impressive history too being the largest and oldest surviving building from the earliest period of telecommunication in Germany. Its impressive presence has made the building something of a symbol of the identity of the city. Built between 1863 and 1878, the building, which originally housed the country's central imperial telegraph office, remains to this day the most expensive and complex postal building ever constructed in Germany. In the many decades between the time it first opened its doors and 1992, it has served as the central hub for long-distance transmissions and telecommunications in Berlin. “As a certified sustainable partner of Visit Berlin Convention Partner, we offer sustainable events too,” Werner continues. “Positive customer experiences that take into account today's demands for the responsible use of resources of all kinds. This applies to us as well as to the partners who work for us.” In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, Werner and his team are finding that people have the desire to physically meet up again and personal exchange is increasingly taking place again in the City of Berlin, with the demand for suitable locations being high. The company has prepared itself very well for this onslaught of increased activity by installing an impressive array of equipment, such as modern video, light and sound technology. Werner believes that this success is, in great part, down to the hard work and dedication of the staff who help to operate and run the historical building and the firm is keen to reflect how important its employees are. “We give our employees the opportunity to develop their potential and contribute their individual strengths and ideas,” he elaborates. “In a market characterised by change, we provide our employees with forward-looking methods and tools that enable them to respond flexibly to changing requirements and adapt to new technological developments.” Recently, the Telekom Hauptstadtreprasentanz was recognised in the European Travel Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Conference & Events Venue 2022 – Berlin. Here’s to many more years of strength and success. Contact: Werner Bierwirth Company: Deutsche Telekom AG Web Address:

EU BUSINESS NEWS / European Travel Awards 2022 15 , Travel Creator of the Year - UK Founded byMichele Frolla, The Intrepid Guide is a language, culture, and travel site featuring travel guides and videos, self-paced language courses, language learning hacks, and travel phrase guides to help travel enthusiasts have more authentic experiences. Michele Frolla first launched The Intrepid Guide as a creative outlet, a blog for enriching travellers’ experiences through languages using informative travel videos and destinations guides with beautiful photography. She also provides simple yet effective language courses and free travel phrase cheat sheets to help beginners get started in a language. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, it was after Michele learnt Italian (her heritage language) as an adult that she moved to Rome where she lived for three years before moving to London. She says, “I’ve experienced first-hand the power of knowing even a little bit of the local language can have in turning an average trip into an experience of a lifetime. “We all love to travel, but no one talks about the importance of learning and speaking languages when it comes to travelling to foreign countries. This is surprising since it’s such a big part of travel. We go abroad to see beautiful places, and try new cuisines, but no one talks about how wonderful it is to communicate with the locals and learn from them.” Michele believes you don’t need to be fluent to make a difference, because a little can go a long way. Just showing that you’ve made an effort to learn some of the local language brings out the best in people. Michele says, “I believe it's important to show respect when travelling to any foreign country. Even if locals can speak a bit of English, it’s still a good idea to greet them in their native language.” Michele’s interest in languages started when she was very young. After World War II, her dad and his family all immigrated from a tiny village in Puglia in Southern Italy to Melbourne, Australia when he was just four years old. Her dad continued to speak his dialect with his family, but when he tried to teach his daughters, his parents would argue over what was standard Italian and what was dialect. In the end, he never taught Michele Italian, and sadly, she didn’t grow up knowing the language. Aug22055 She remembers visiting her nonno (grandfather) who lived with her zia Maria (auntie Maria) when her nonna (grandmother) passed away when she was only three years old. The only problem was, Michele could never communicate properly with her nonno; he didn’t speak English and she didn’t speak Italian. She found herself feeling frustrated and embarrassed every time, having to ask her dad, “What did he say?”. Michele says, “This really upset me, because I am named after my nonno. Yes, ‘Michele’ is a male name in Italian. It’s like the Italian version of the name ‘Michael’, but in Australia, they just pronounce it like ‘Michelle’.” When Michele was 17, her nonno passed away. That’s the moment when everything changed, and when she became serious about learning Italian. She shares, “It was like a light went on inside me. I wanted to carry on my nonno’s legacy, his name, and learn more about my heritage and my brave nonni (grandparents) who left their home country to provide a better life for their family.” She adds, “I also never wanted to be in a situation again where I couldn’t communicate with someone (especially my relatives) in Italian.” So, she started learning Italian – and now, she’s fluent. For Michele’s followers and students who are just starting out in language learning or have been burned by previous failed attempts, Michele believes they are not incapable of learning another language, citing, “If I can do it, anyone can do it”. “If you’re struggling, you just haven’t found a system that works for you, yet! You need to try different methods and language learning resources to see what resonates with you. Once you have found that, it’s just a matter of being dedicated and passionate.” Michele’s series of online language courses (Italian, French, Norwegian, Spanish) use her unique 80/20 method which is based on the Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule. In her teaching, Michele focuses on learning the top 20% of key vocabulary that can be used in 80% of situations that travellers find themselves in. For example, how to order food, ask for directions and recommendations, etc. This principle was coined by management consultant, Joseph M. Juran and named after the Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, who in 1896 showed that approximately 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. The 80/20 rule is observed in language learning too and can be used for higher efficiency. This means that most of your success in language learning is the result of only about 20% of the effort you make. It also means that only about 20% of the things you learn contributes to most (around 80%) of your development and improvement. Michele continues to welcome hundreds of new students to both her various travel language courses and her in-depth Italian grammar courses. She comments, “I am so proud and thrilled that I’ve been able to transform so many of my students’ lives through my online language courses. It brings me a lot of joy to share my passion for travel, languages, and culture.” Company: The Intrepid Guide Contact: Michele Frolla Email: [email protected] Website: Instagram/Twitter: @intrepidguide

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