French CEO of the Year Awards 2023

6. BPM-Conseil is leading the development of open source platforms Vanilla (business intelligence) and Data4Citizen (open data). Vanilla platform provides an integrated suite of business intelligence components to help enterprises extract value from their data. It has been designed to address key challenges in the business intelligence value chain and processes. Different modules within the Vanilla platform include data management, data visualisation, administration tools, and a powerful search function. Data4Citizen is an open data portal with data retrieval and publishing Software Development CEO of the Year 2023: Patrick Beaucamp Based in Lyon, France, BPM-Conseil is a business innovator focused on developing open source “data aware” platforms. The company is leading the development of open source platforms Vanilla (business intelligence) and Data4Citizen (open data). Utilising its industry experience, the company designs solutions tailored to clients’ professions and individual requirements. It is BPM-Conseil’s mission to streamline data analysis processes and provide a platform for beautiful data visualisation functions, metadata capabilities, API integration and indicator dashboards. The platform allows clients to work with groups through collaborative functions and areas. Data4Citizen offers beautiful data visualisations and stories, providing an accessible way of viewing and understanding trends and patterns in data. Patrick Beaucamp is the CEO of BPMConseil and founder of open source projects Vanilla, and Data4Citizen. Patrick began his career as a consultant during the early age of business intelligence. He held positions in various domains, working with ETL and reporting tools, facing production problems, and combating data visualisation challenges. Contact: Patrick Beaucamp Company: BPM-Conseil Web Address: Aug23467 Patrick has worked alongside several high-level managers and drawn on these experiences to determine what skills a good CEO should possess. In the 2000s, Patrick founded BPM-Conseil as a consulting company, working with commercial BI products and in the private sector. The company later began to work with open source business intelligence platforms to offer clients cost-effective solutions. During this period, user interfaces were not at the level of commercial products, leading to customer frustration. Patrick Beaucamp went on to fund the development of Vanilla, a new business intelligence platform that would meet customer expectations and be ready to scale at an enterprise level. Over a decade