French CEO of the Year Awards 2023

7. Software Development CEO of the Year 2023: Patrick Beaucamp later, Vanilla continues to provide clients with all the necessary components to completely manage their data from their application software to end user visualisation. Describing his management style, CEO Patrick Beaucamp says, “I’m a very passionate person, always trying to improve my skills by using digital tools to learn. I’m focused on delivering customer satisfaction and pushing my teams to develop software that truly meets customers’ expectations. We are in times where finding talent is an everyday challenge. I’m a leader open to discussion with anyone. I especially care about my employees’ health, both mental and physical. We are ‘one’ in our project, and my team knows they will always have my support.” A key challenge for BPM-Conseil has been to adapt the number of people working in the different departments. The company has undergone a learning process to find a balance between generating new leads and focusing on project achievement. Patrick Beaucamp made the decision to adjust the company resources and review its key objectives. Since the pandemic, BPMConseil has continued to adapt to the everevolving software development sector and is getting hihg recognation from the market through dozen of new projects. When undertaking a new tender or business opportunity, it is important to keep certain elements in mind to improve the chance of being awarded the project. Patrick Beaucamp goes on to explain, “One key element is time. I ensure we are on time, whether for a simple meeting or for reporting tasks. Time has more value than people realise. Another key element is reporting and communication. A project should come with a lot of communication material, such as monthly reports, various documentation, and steering committees. We aim to deliver the first version of our project as soon as possible, so that customers can easily imagine what the final product will look like. Technology and clients’ needs are changing fast, so we work in an agile mode, with monthly delivery of product versions. As a CEO, Patrick’s role involves both customers and internal resources (human, material, and financial). Patrick dedicates a project manager to every client and gives managers the freedom and resources to achieve their objectives. BPM-Conseil clients are mainly government institutions and agencies, where the demand for open data and observatories platforms is increasing. For these clients, tendered projects can provide a cost-effective solution as the platform has already been developed. The domains of data analysis and data visualisation are rapidly evolving with the emergence of AI and LLM. Large language models (LLM) are a type of artificial intelligence that uses large data sets to understand and predict new content. There is a risk of managers relying too heavily on AI platforms to generate reports. Although AI can summarise and quickly generate information based on existing data, it is not able to account for future trends. BPM-Conseil will continue its innovative work on Vanilla and Data4Citizen, its two flagship platforms, with new versions to be released at the end of 2023. The company is also in the process of developing a worldwide partner network and an online training and certification platform. Alongside these initiatives, BPM-Conseil aims to accelerate the development of its commercial products with worldwide access. With regards to his own career, Patrick Beaucamp says, “I will continue working with a professional approach and respect for everyone. I truly believe in an honest business approach that puts the customer at the centre of the strategy. This has built my success and will not change in the coming years.” It is BPM-Conseil’s mission to continue providing its high-quality business intelligence data-aware products, solutions, and servicesw. With its tailored solutions for clients’ specific requirements, BPM-Conseil aims to streamline data analysis processes and provide a platform for data visualisation. For his client-centric philosophy and continuous innovative work on open source projects, Patrick Beaucamp has received this year’s award for Software Development CEO of the Year.