French CEO of the Year Awards 2023

8. Robotics CEO of the Year 2023: Fares Habib Sep23375 Robotiques Cyborg is an innovator in the industry and is on course to increase accessibility in the field through a careful process of reducing charges that are placed on businesses, which in turn will reduce prices and still result in an extensive gains margin. Furthermore, through its expansive work in the areas of AI and augmented reality, the company is hoping to assist in benefiting the environment and ultimately saving the planet by being able to solve problems or provide training remotely, thus negating the need to travel for business purposes. CEO Fares Habib has had an impressive journey to get to this stage in his career, initially studying a computer and communication engineering course, he left partway through to go and work with his family in South Africa. Fares’ family own a diamond business in Johannesburg that includes the mining, selling, and exporting of diamonds. During his tenure working there, he acquired three certifications from the Gemmological Institute of America, in diamond polishing, rough diamond evaluation, and polished diamond evaluation, respectively. After spending two years engrossed in the diamond industry, Fares made the brave decision to start anew in France, initially opening a restaurant in Versailles. Shortly after this, the pandemic hit, and forced back to the drawing board, an innate passion for technology inspired Fares to pursue his idea of implementing service robots in restaurants. Thus, Robotiques Cyborg was born, allowing the food service industry to serve customers without contact through the use of its groundbreaking robots. While the robotics side of the business has been hugely successful, Fares continued to crave innovation, and a firm belief in the power of AI expanding the capabilities led to this software playing a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of the business. Similarly, the opportunities for advancement in the field of augmented reality yielded particularly bright prospects, and this Robotiques Cyborg is a leading technology provider and development company in the field of robotics, servicing a number of clients such as distributors and re-sellers who sell directly to the end user, as well as possessing its own end user clients. The firm also possesses partnerships with companies in other countries and partakes in joint endeavours to make further advancements in the field. It is the mission of the company to ultimately make the world a better place through a combination of robotics, AI, and augmented reality. We speak to acclaimed CEO of the company Fares Habib, to find out more about his journey and the groundbreaking work he and the team do in the field of robotics. technology too was embraced by Fares and the team and resulted in strong developments not only in the business, but the wider sector. In the robotics sector, the company deals with a host of clients, many of whom operate restaurants and hotels across France, and deploy Robotiques Cyborg’s robots across all elements of their service plans. Moreover, a current partnership with a Spanish company has generated impressive work in the developing of software for Cobot, a robotic arm system, with this now being made available to schools, universities, and other such institutions for the purposes of research and development. The end goal with this is to develop a new robotic system which can be used to help disabled people in daily life. With reference to the work the company does in augmented reality, its status as EMEA distributors and its partnerships with companies and resellers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the company’s home nation of France, have resulted in universities and hospitals across the world being provided with Vuzix Blade 2.0 augmented reality glasses. These glasses boast such features as built-in display and audio, an 8MP auto-focus camera, and an autonomous voice. Many laboratories have recently invested in this technology, and there are already examples of it being used in healthcare settings for training and monitoring purposes, as well as in teleassistance, such as a Paris-based company with a factory in Poland. Through the glasses, an expert is able to guide the technicians in a hands-free process while getting the instructions delivered directly to their eyes. Across the industry and wider society, recent advancements in robotics, AI, and to some extent augmented reality, have left many people doubtful or fearful about robotics companies, with people’s main fear being a robotics revolution where robots or AI will come Contact: Fares Habib Company: Robotiques Cyborg Web Address: https://www.