German Business Awards 2018

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards , FeinKostPure Best Online Condiments & Cooking Ingredients Retailer 2018 FeinKostPure produces and sells high-quality and special delicatessen products, which are developed and produced according to the firm’s own unique recipes. Martina Braunmiller provides us with a fascinating overview of the company and the delicious range of products it has to offer to its discerning clientele. Oct18434 a variety of oils, sauces, salts and condiments for a range of uses. All of our production processes are done in the most careful manual labour. Our products are made, processed and packaged with love, heart and passion. “This gives our customers the opportunity to discover real and honest delicacies. Our range includes a wide range of unique fine spices that can be used to discover the best extracts, special spice and herbal oils, as well as fruit and balsamic vinegars and much more. On our website With a product range designed specifically for gourmets and connoisseurs, FeinKostPure produces a range of exquisite condiments, ingredients and flavourings. Martina explores the firm’s product range in more detail and outlines how it meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of the company’s esteemed clients. “Here at FeinKostPure we are committed to quality across our entire product range, and provide they will find delicacies and selected gourmet products of the finest quality. FeinKostPure attaches great importance to the highest quality, aroma, taste and naturalness. We do not use artificial flavours, flavour enhancers or additives. Owing to these high standards, we have already written success story after a short time and received the best product awards for our first-class vanilla extract. “Our enthusiastic connoisseurs can be found not only in Germany, but also already for a long time EU-wide. Food-explorer and gourmets will also get their money’s worth and are very open to new, culinary experiments. As such, our market remains very exciting, because the journey of discovery and our success story in delicatessen and many other areas is continuing apace.” “In our fast-paced world, the esteem for good food is often lost and therefore room should be taken for critical perception. Supermarkets offer the consumer more and more finished products with long shelf life by chemical additives, dyes, phosphates and more. This is because food intolerances and allergies increase and affect more and more people. “This is another reason for us to take action in this regard and counteract this problem, so we see ourselves as obliged to produce the best and most healthy delicatessen products. We would like to make a contribution to sharpen the view in order to give genuine enjoyment of honest, regional quality a chance again, because untreated, simple staple foods are the source of all quality - we want to place this viewpoint in the centre of our company. We are always on the lookout for natural, fair trade, seasonal, regional and best raw materials to ensure the highest quality and