German Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards 13 g FeinKostPure purity in our products and to pass them on to our customers. We are always open for new things and our tireless creativity gives rise to gourmet products with completely new flavours. Moving forward, FeinKostPure has a bright future ahead as it prepares to enter a new market, as Martina proudly concludes. “Looking to the future, at FeinKostPure we are proud to be developing our FeinKos(t) metik, a new cosmetics range. It is our passion and mission not only to spoil our customers with delicatessen and gourmet products, but now also with FeinKos(t)metik. It’s time to start a new, holistic journey of pleasure for the body, mind and soul. “This move has been long in the making, and we have worked hard to develop this range. After a long and intensive development and testing phase, we decided not only to focus on the enjoyment of food, but also our biggest organ to pamper our skin with unique product variants in the future. So, it is quite clear that we also use the best, natural delicatessen raw materials, which would also be basically edible, such as. High quality coffee, best oils and pure fruit powder, which are rich in vitamins and fats, as well as many other high-quality basic ingredients. The result is 100% Contact Details Company: FeinKostPure Name: Martina Braunmiller Address: Schmiedackergasse 7, 89081 Ulm (Baden-Wurttemberg), Germany E-Mail: [email protected] Website: natural FeinKos(t)metik products that give your skin a wonderful natural feeling of well-being. The ‘principle of less is more applies. FeinKos(t)metik by FeinKostPure is a gift, an enrichment not only for the well-being of your stomach but also for body, mind and soul. Whether pleasure or wellness friend, we can assure you that we will conquer many other gourmet areas in the future. “This latest development offers us the chance to move into a new big market, and we are excited for the great opportunities this will provide for our firm over the years ahead.”