German Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards 15 g HEYSENBERG GmbH knowledge. Additionally, we assume full responsibility for our recommendations.” With the market changing regularly, HEYSENBERG draws on its experience in the market to support its clients and offer them cutting-edge support and solutions. Michael shares his knowledge of the latest trends in the wealth management space and how his company is adapting around these. “Currently, there are two main trends in our industry: digitisation and regulation. More and more clients, especially the younger ones, expect to have a continuous and permanently updated access to as well as a comprehensive overview of their assets. Not only via their PC or laptop but also via tablet computer and smartphone. For this reason, we launched our own HEYSENBERG app at the beginning of this year, which we intend to further develop and expand in the coming months. “The second major trend wealth management companies face in Germany is regulation. Given various investment scandals in the past few years it is obvious and fully understandable that supervisory authorities will further regulate the asset and wealth management industry, which we Contact Details Company: HEYSENBERG GmbH Name: Harald Beuss and Michael Schwerdtle Address: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 34, 50672 Cologne, Germany Phone: +49/221/16858-477 E-mail: [email protected] Website: very much approve and support. “A very particular challenge in asset management in Germany is how to convince people to invest a greater proportion of their wealth in stocks (and not, as is still the case with the great majority of Germans, to put their money in low- yielding overnight or fixed-term accounts). We try to meet this challenge by further promoting our new HEYSENBERG Dynamic Opportunities wealth management system.” These latest developments will help the company to continue to enhance its success and grow even further than it already has in the five years since it was created, as Harald highlights in his concluding comments. “Moving forward, our main focus is to continue to strive to further establish the company as a private investment, multi-family office in the coming years. The two main projects to this end are enhancing the success of our HEYSENBERG Dynamic Opportunities project and the HEYSENBERG app. These two developments will offer us many exciting opportunities for further growth and success.”