German Business Awards 2018

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards , HEYSENBERG GmbH Best Wealth Management Firm 2018 HEYSENBERG GmbH is a wealth management firm which specialises in all-encompassing investment consulting and management services for demanding private and entrepreneurial clients. We invited Harald Beuss and Michael Schwerdtle to share their insights into the firm and how it works to achieve excellence for every client it has the privilege to support. Oct18225 focus on all aspects regarding both wealth management and financial planning for our private and entrepreneurial clients. Our objective, task and motivation are all the same: to continually increase and expand the asset base of our clients, preferably with the lowest possible volatility. To achieve this, we allocate our clients’ assets in an optimal way to various, mutually complementary asset classes, while concentrating on the risk- Drawing on a vast wealth of experience, HEYSENBERG is an independent consulting and asset management company based in Cologne. Michael discusses the firm’s services and how it works to provide its clients with the full benefit of its knowledge and ensure they enjoy strong returns. “As a private investment office, here at HEYSENBERG we return-profile of our clients and the risk-adjusted returns of the asset classes.” Operating in the highly competitive wealth management space, the firm has to work hard to distinguish itself from its competitors and showcase its talent and expertise. Harald believes that the company achieves this thanks to its independent status and transparent approach to investment. “Being a truly independent firm is what sets HEYSENBERG apart from our competitors in the wealth management and investment space. There are no special or even exclusive co-operations, partnerships or agreements with banks, asset managers, insurance companies or other financial service providers. As such, we can select whatever investment products we consider to be in the best interest of our clients, to the best of our