German Business Awards 2018

22 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards , INtem Trainergruppe Seßler & Partner GmbH Oct18122 Contact Details Company: INtem Trainergruppe Seßler & Partner GmbH Name: Marion Seßler Address: Mallaustr. 69-73, Mannheim, 68219, Germany Phone: +49 621 43876-0 Website: Best Sales Training Consultancy INtem ® Trainergruppe Seßler & Partner GmbH offers training, consulting and coaching in the core areas of sales, leadership and customer service. We profile the firm to find out more and explore how far it has come since inception. The firm’s customers are sales- oriented companies in all sectors as well as clinics and institutions in the health sector. Today, the company is concerned with potential development rather than waste of potential in order to make a contribution to making the corporate world a better place. Companies that want to maintain and expand their competitiveness and market position through sales, leadership and service training have a right to sustainability. The seminars, trainings and coaching sessions should lead to permanent behavioral changes for managers and employees, so that they can make an optimal contribution to more revenue, profits and success. That is why the offer of INtem is based on the motto “Forgetting is more difficult than learning” . Investments in trainings require a fast pay off. Therefore companies want to invest their money wisely. The financial sustainability of INtem is guaranteed by the interval training: Each measure is subdivided into modules. Compared to boring standard trainings, the learning objectives are not processed in a rigidly predetermined order, but are achieved step by step with the help of several knowledge units (four to twelve intervals). The key to success is that there are implementation phases between the training modules that guarantee the application of the new knowledge into practice. At the end of each training interval, the participants receive concrete implementation tasks. In the training they actively practice the content; this prepares them to use this know-how already the next day at work. For example, sales people generate more sales and better contribution margins. Since its founding almost 30 years ago, INtem has worked to support people and companies to better develop and develop their potential through further education in sales and leadership. INtem is working with approximately 100 licensed trainers, consultants and coaches trained by INtem and has been on the market for about 30 years. During this time over 1 million intervals (1/2 day to full day training) have been performed with over 100,000 participants. Executives immediately use the new competencies acquired in leadership trainings in their employee appraisals and increase the performance and motivation of their employees and their team. In the following module, the coach gives helpful feedback. This creates a self-reinforcing continuous improvement process. This process will increase if the managers are integrated into the training. They undergo an accompanying training in “coaching of their employees” and thereby continue the training success sustainably. Looking ahead, INtem’s focus is on the development of a sales and management-specific consultant training as a further element of success. Additionally, the firm is set to expand and establish franchise system and offer across Europe. Ultimately, INtem’s vision is to support more people and companies, helping them to develop and grow step by step. This will remain the firm’s core focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future.