German Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards 23 , Kronsland GmbH Best Deep-Frying Oils Manufacturer 2018 Oct18244 Kronsland GmbH produces UNIFRIT, an innovative range of frying and cooking oils, as we found out when we profiled the firm to find out more. of quality. UNIFRIT Extra was awarded the international “Superior Taste Award” i n Brussels. The advantages of the UNIFRIT frying oils show up on daily frying. They are absolute odourless and tasteless, more heat-resistant than conventional frying oils and achieve crispier frying results at temperatures up to 175 degrees. The end customer benefits from this constantly high product and frying quality, too. Food is fried health-consciously with UNIFRIT frying oils and the particular natural flavour stays genuine after frying. Additionally, their guests, who have acquired a taste for it, will return. Ultimately, UNIFRIT frying oils are the result of profound knowledge from the fat science. Due to their special recipe and the controlled production process, UNIFRIT frying oils are free of hydrogenated oils, cholesterol and genetically modified seeds. In addition, chosen, natural ingredients and the complete abdication of chemical additives ensure the consistent high quality of the UNIFRIT products. UNIFRIT frying and cooking oils are branded products of Kronsland GmbH. Especially in the field of frying oils, UNIFRIT stands for a new generation of oil, that enables a more health-conscious and efficient frying. To ensure excellence for clients, UNIFRIT frying oils are ready for use. They can be filled into the chip pan directly without melting it on. The operating temperature could be reached clearly faster and with a lower power consumption in contrast to block greases. Independent investigations brought the result, that the frying oil “UNIFRIT Extra” enables an operating life twice as long as conventional palm block greases or vegetable oils. A fat change is usually necessary after 20 hours, however this is an impressive feat. As part of its commitment to offering clients unique products, the firm also produces “UNIFRIT Extra “with the special “long life-formula” which fries up to 50 operating hours without loss Contact Details Company: Kronsland GmbH Website: