German Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards 29 g Deurolab Gmbh Contact Details Company: Deurolab GmbH, Hamburg, Germany Contact: Dr. Romano Ciupe, [email protected] Website: clients also benefit from cutting- edge support and solutions when they work with Deurolab. Being based in Germany offers the lab many benefits, as the country has a favourable legislation to protect the environment. This ensures the success for reliable and inexpensive equipment in this field, and has helped the firm to advance its success and provide its clients with the solutions they need. Over the past thirty years of accumulation of laboratory technology and solution finding experiences for environmental analysis, Deurolab’s aim has always been to rise out of the acute necessity of rapid, reliable and inexpensive analytical solutions. As a result, today the firm’s applied principles permit the distinctive identification of wanted compounds and it may be extended for other pollutants. Looking to the future, Deurolab will continue to drive innovation and creativity within the nanotechnology and automation market to benefit its clients and offer them even greater support and unique solutions they can rely on.