German Business Awards 2018

30 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards Best 3D Logo Design Company 2018 - Cologne RVO STYROPORDESIGN is a young, owner-operated full-service company specialized in Styrofoamdesign, CNC foam cutting, 3D logo design, decorative wall design and special polystyrene coatings. Having recognised the firm in this year’s German Business Awards we profile it to find out more about the secrets behind its phenomenal success. cylinders, pyramids, and balls, as well as sculptures, stucco and picture frames. As a dedicated production service provider for film and television, audio-visual media, multimedia events and trade fairs, quality, precision and timing are RVO STYROPORDESIGN’S top priority. With tailor-made concepts that are based on many years of practical experience, professional know-how and inventiveness, the firm’s dedicated not only want to be completely satisfied, but Thanks to its vast market experience, RVO STYROPORDESIGN is able to provide its clients with everything from 3D letters and numbers made of Styrofoam, through to geometric figures such as , Nov18615 RVO STYROPORDESIGN also always contribute as part of the wholly-owned success of the whole. Alongside specialist marketing materials, the firm also supplies creative furniture designs that will make any space truly revolutionary. Clients are drawn