German Business Awards 2018

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards , Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr. Tan Dr. Tan’s Acupuncture Practice Acupuncture Specialist of the Year 2018 Akupunktur im ZentrumDr. Tan is the acupuncture practice of Dr. Thay Joe Tan, a renowned and experienced Acupuncture Specialist who is committed to supporting his patients and offering them tailored treatments. Outstanding and unique is his very special type of acupuncture for instant pain elimination called TurboAcupuncture . Having recognised the firm in our prestigious German Business Awards for 2018 we felt it was important that we profile it to showcase the behind its phenomenal success in this vital market. Nov18002 the T.A.N. ( TurboAcupuncture Navigation) System, a proven and failsafe system, which guides users like a GPS from the location of pain step by step to THE one acupuncture point which will most likely eliminate the pain instantly, typically within few seconds. His Roots Born in 1965 in Leverkusen (Germany) to Indonesian parents of Chinese origin he was the first Chinese baby in his hometown. Dr. Thay Joe Tan studied Medicine at the University of Cologne where he graduated as a Medical Doctor (MD) in 1991 and later obtained his PhD degree in 1996. He gained his first professional experience in the United Kingdom as a Junior House Officer in Internal Medicine. After returning to Germany he fulfilled his basic military service as a physician in the German Armed Forces in 1993. As an alternative to the common career path becoming a medical specialist he preferred to study Dentistry at the University of Regensburg where he met his later wife Claudia, now a Drawing on the vast experience of its Founder, Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr. Tan offers treatment for a wide range of ailments covering any kind of pain like headaches, neck pain, back pain, joint pain and nerve pain including chronic and complex pain, as well as the whole bandwidth of medicine such as skin, lung, stomach, bowel, gynaecological, genital and fertility issues. Founder Dr. Thay Joe Tan is an industry pioneer who has originated TurboAcupuncture , which is the New Gold Standard for Instant Pain Elimination, alongside Personal Excellence Strategist. They both graduated in 1998. Since 1993 he was also strongly involved in emergency medical on call assignments for general practitioners and medical specialists which on the one hand exposed him to a broad variety of medical emergency cases whilst on the other hand allowed him to fund his costly study of Dentistry. His Turning Point Although among the many doctors in his family he had two cousins who were trained in acupuncture, he didn’t show any interest in acupuncture until that one day in 1996, when he witnessed a German dentist treating a patient with acupuncture to stop retching and hypersalivation, so that the dental procedure could be carried out at all. This was the key experience and the ignition for Dr. Thay Joe Tan to start studying acupuncture. After graduation as a Dentist in 1998 he spent 18 months in Germany’s second largest Clinic for oromaxillofacial surgery, before he followed his calling away from mainstream western medicine to traditional Chinese medicine. His journey in this market began in 2001, when he became a member of the German medical team at the TCM Clinic Kötzting, which is the First German Hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine, University Hospital at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. In his final years he was Senior Resident and temporary Deputy of the Medical Director, before leaving the hospital in 2009. The Origination of TurboAcupuncture Since 2009 he has settled in a private practice in Stuttgart city centre, which he grew to a busy four doctors practice. Thereby his practice is, by the number of doctors, Germany’s second largest medical practice for acupuncture. During the past 20 years he has learnt from many different experts from all over the world, e.g. China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, USA, Israel, England, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He combined and refined their best and most effective methods and condensed all to one unique system, which is able to eliminate almost any kind of pain within seconds, and that using only one single acupuncture point. As this unique system is so highly effective and fast acting, Dr. Thay Joe Tan named it ‘ TurboAcupuncture ’. This innovative name was inspired by the term “Turbo” , used like in “Porsche Turbo” which implies the very fast and very powerful effect of TurboAcupuncture for pain