German Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards 5 g Akupunktur im Zentrum Dr. Tan elimination, but also addresses the fact that the method is so fastly transferable and applicable and that it catapults every doctor’s therapeutic competency to a totally new dimension in just one weekend, giving the doctor the advantage of therapeutic superiority. Considering that a human body provides space to fit about 28 Million needles of 0.25 mm diameter to be inserted next to another, and that Chinese acupuncture knows around 500 (classical and extra) acupuncture points, the fact that TurboAcupuncture requires the knowledge of only 12 acupuncture points to control almost the entire body impressively demonstrates the simplicity, beauty and true power of TurboAcupuncture . And exactly herein lies the real revolution in pain therapy, as because of this simplicity every doctor can acquire the skill of instant pain elimination in only one weekend. AWizard, a Magician His patients call him “wizard” or “magician” , because of the miraculous effect of instant pain elimination they typically experience, no matter which kind of pain, and no matter whether the pain is acute or chronic. Usually he explains to his patients that it’s not because of his person, but because of the system he uses, that they experience the “magic” happen. But not only is TurboAcupuncture extremely powerful for instant pain elimination, it is also highly effective for many other medical conditions, e.g. shortness of breath, any kind of burning, cold or dry sensation, tension, itching, blurred vision, hemorrhoids, just to name a few. He is told by many of his patients, that they come only to him because of his profound knowledge and experience, and that they would never go to a western doctor for acupuncture as they have learned it only on weekends. He typically replies that it’s not so important whether someone has 10, 20 or even 30 years of experience, or has learnt acupuncture on weekends. Really important is what they’ve learnt on that weekend and from whom they’ve learnt. Dr. Thay Joe Tan says: Acupuncture is like mathematics. If you don’t know how to do it … no chance. If you know how to do it … easy. If you know the shortcut how to do it … you can even solve complicated problems … fast! Dr. Thay Joe Tan provides patients as well as doctors the shortcut to instant pain elimination. His meticulous attention to detail in treatment as in teaching is the foundation of his success with patients and students. In his in-depth trainings he delivers the essence of his more than 20 years of experience in theory and practice on a silver tablet to his students. His students, amongst them experienced experts in the field of acupuncture, confirm that TurboAcupuncture is a total game changer. In September 2017, Dr. Thay Joe Tan had the privilege and honour to receive the Master Fellowship of Qi Lu School of Traditonal Chinese Medicine for Complex Diseases from Prof. Wang Xinlu in Jinan, Shandong Province, China. Dr. Thay Joe Tan is the first doctor outside China to achieve this recognition, and as such he is highly esteemed within the industry. The Three Secrets of Instant Pain Elimination According to Dr. Thay Joe Tan, these are the three secrets of instant pain elimination: 1. Having an open mind Confucius said: “What mind can conceive … man can achieve.”