German Business Awards 2018

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards IN Hotel Belgrade Agentur LIVEVENT Eventproduktion Best Live Event Production & Security Company 2018 Agentur LIVEVENT Eventproduktion provides a wide range of event production services to an array of clients. To showcase the hardwork and commitment to excellence that has led the company to win one of our prestigious German Business Awards for 2018 we profile it and share an insight into the work it undertakes and the clients it supports. The firm’s core competences include the creation of safety concepts, traffic sign and site plans, filling and evacuation concepts, as well as the planning and leasing of logistics materials, barriers of all kinds, as well as solutions for infrastructure and side material to safely guide and guide visitors and participants at the event. Over recent years the event planning market has changed rapidly, particularly following the terrorist attacks that have occurred at events throughout Europe. Leading, guiding and, if necessary, separating visitor groups is becoming more and more important and more in focus than before. The planning and analysis of such critical events is today a central component that is worked Oct18625 Since its founding in 2001, the LIVEVENT agency has been an owner-managed master craftsman based in Cologne. Today, the firm offers its valued clients holistic consulting, planning and implementation of major events in public spaces. It has supported many of its clients since inception, which is testimony to the level of excellence that the company has to offer. As a strategic partner, LIVEVENT provides competent solutions for every kind of event. These include the areas: running, cycling and motorsport, trade fairs and exhibitions as well as public events, music festivals and street parties. out in advance and not only at the event itself. It is generally thought of holistically. As such, not only is the event area included in the planning, but also the access routes such as roads, bus, train and the environment are equally part of the event and are taken into account. In particular, mobile camera systems are used here, which enables fast detection and intervention of the security authorities. The improved communication between the authorities, employees, security and emergency services plays a decisive role in the implementation of these measures, and LIVEVENT prides itself on offering a collaborative approach to ensure success for its valued clientele. Looking to the future, LIVEVENT is keen to enhance its service offering and provide clients with even more quality services they can rely on. At the same time, the team are working on some new projects that they want to realize as organizers. Offering a unique solution in a new market will promise the firm not only success but also the chance to increase market position, ensuring even greater success for the company over the years ahead. ,